about meHi there my name is Viljoen the owner of Surveyroyal.com and I am happy to meet you. You are probably wondering
how I came upon the idea of creating this website. So let me start with the beginning. I was struggling a bit to keep the cash flow going while studying because I could not get my study loan approved for my last year of study.

So what did I do next?

I was studying for 4 years and to think about quitting in my last year was not an option. So what I did was searching
the internet for additional ways to make money online. I came upon a website telling me that I can make more than $3000 per month just by filling out surveys. I bought the membership and was so excited to start because the $3000 was very appealing to me.

While joining a couple of panels which where recommended by the membership, I saw that there are a couple of things that I could have done that would would have made my life much easier when it came to making money online with surveys. So what did I do next? I bought another program claiming that it would make me a fortune with online surveys. What I found was that most of these programs only give you a list of surveys to join and that was it. No training, no guidance and only surveys.

What I have learned

While I was making a small bit I decided to take another approach. I searched a couple of sites, asked a couple of people and all it accomplished me was making a little bit more. While being at it for more than a month I learned a lot of new things and made a lot of mistakes.

After a while I learned which companies to join and also how to make the most money from each one of them. So it is true what they say and that is that experience is the best teacher that you can have when it comes to almost anything in life.


What is the purpose of Survey Royal?

1) Training

The primary reason for creating this site is to help people make money online through online surveys. Not just sending them to survey panels to join, but to teach you how to avoid the mistakes I made and also how you can make the most from it. This is why I created the Survey 101 training guide here in Survey Royal.

In this training I will show you how to avoid the most common mistakes that so many people make online. Most of these mistakes are costing them their membership and all the money they built up inside a panel. This is why you see so many negative reviews on survey panels.

Start with your training here

I will also reveal some of the best ways to make money with survey panels that so many people do not even know of. I also developed a very simple trick that will make you the most money per hour with surveys. Other websites require that you pay them a membership fee and all they give you is list of panels to join but here at Survey Royal I will give you training and panels to join which is free btw :).

2) Reviews

Here I will show you some of the best panels to join and also how to make money from each one of them. With this I will be 100% straight with you and you will also realize that I will only give unbiased reviews on each panel. If there was something that I did not like, then I will tell you about it.

There will be a couple of panels that I did not try because some of them do not accept any more participants. One more thing to realize is that some of them are also limited to the country you are situated in.

More transparency

3) A quick disclaimer

I am only affiliated to some of the companies I review. What I do is I join a panel, do a couple of surveys and then I do a review on them. What I really hate is that most people affiliated with these panels will go and tell you that every survey panel is the best just so that you can join and once you join to make them money.

This is not how I work as I promise to give you unbiased reviews on each and every one of them. I even created a training course to help you out.

Thanks again for coming to my website and please feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions 🙂

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  1. Hi, I just want to congratulate you on this wonderful website and thank you for the honest and accurate information and advice you give. I’ve been doing online surveys for nearly 10 years and belong to many of the sites you recommend. I thought I knew just about everything there was to know about doing online surveys but reading your website I have learned several new things. You have a wonderful site and are a great asset to anyone who is wondering about doing online surveys……you offer this advice free of charge, which is rare…..many thank you’s for that. Anyone who reads this post, as I have stated I’ve done online surveys a long time and this gentleman is giving you a wonderful service free of charge, if you follow his advice you will make money doing surveys. Good Luck!

  2. Viljoen, I have been on the internet and around business all my life. This is a very difficult time for me, I need money very badly, NOW, I decided that doing surveys would be a route that I would try along with other things. I consider coming across your site tonight is a God send…..teach me, I’m here to learn!

  3. Your website sounds like a good thing, but there must be something in it for you? If it’s true like you say, that there is no charge for this information, then what do you get out of it? How does one know that you are just not another one of those rip off sites? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you are, I am just very cautious because, as you know, there are so many scams out there. How can I know that I could actually make money using your advice?

    • Hi Kay. It is good to ask questions such as these. One must always be wary before joining a program or paying for something. I do not charge my readers for the information that I give them.

      For some of the survey panels, I do get a commission if someone joins through my link. You will notice that I am not affiliated with all of the survey panels that I recommend.

      With me you can put your wallet away as I will never charge anyone on this website for the information so there is nothing to lose.

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