Cash Task Review

Cash Tasks Review: Multiple Signs That They Are An Online Scam

Cash Tasks reviewCash Task Review


Payment type: (Not Really)

Minimum Threshold: $1000 (A Very clear sign)

Status: SCAM

The Cash Tasks scam: Not Recommended!!!

Hi and welcome to my review about Cash Tasks and today I will tell you more about this website and why I would not recommend them to you. There are a lot of scams online and this really gives the internet a bad name especially when it comes to making money online.

So in this review I am going to point out different things that I looked at which smells like a scam.

More about Cash Tasks

This is a type of website that wants you to complete offers, watch videos and clicking on ads for money. The only difference is that this website will not pay you. There are a couple of Pay To Click and offers type of websites which is completely legit, so there is no need to flag similar types of sites as a scam.

Now let us get into more detail on why I say that they are a scam.

Cash Task Scam

Why are they a scam?

1) The minimum threshold of $1000

First of all it is that their minimum payout is $1000. This is a huge minimum payout and will take forever to reach it. Usually when a website has this huge threshold, they are considered a scam. The reason why they do this is so that you will keep on clicking on ads and do offers for a long time.

They want you to click away all of your valuable time and when you get excited because you are close finally close to reaching that threshold, they will either block you or they will not send you any more offers or ads to click on. This is how these websites operate.

2) You have to be a premium member to get paid

I heard about a lot of complaints about this website. Most people complain that this website does not want to pay them because they are not a premium member. Now why on earth should you pay them to get paid? This is also a very definitive sign that they are a scam.

You should never pay to join a company in order to get paid, because they should pay you. I really hate the way on how they draw people to their website and after you have made them money, they will not pay you.

3) They are not verified by PayPal

If you are giving PayPal as a payment method on your website and you are not even verified with them, then why you give that option? Maybe it is a fraud.

4) They will pay you $1 for each ad you visit

This is also a dead giveaway for me. Normally a Pay To Click or PTC site will pay you from $0.005 up to $0.02 for each ad you click on. The $1 is a lie and there are actually sites that tell you that they will pay you up to $10 per click. Almost choke on my nacho while reading that.

Because Cash Tasks uses a PTC and Offer type of platform for their members to make money from, I will discuss each one and show you some legit companies that will actually pay you.

How do PTC websites work?

The idea around PTC sites is that there are 2 people participating in this money making method. The advertiser is the one that is paying the website for ad placement to promote his product. Normally he has to pay the website a couple for each time someone clicked on his ad.

How do PTC websites work

The clicker is the person that gets paid for each ad he views after he clicked on the ad. Now he will get paid lees that what the advertiser is paying per click, because the website also has to make a small commission per click. I do not think that the advertiser will get any sales because the people clicking on his ads will not have any intention to buy the product.

They are just interested in clicking on the ads to make money.

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How do paid offer websites work?

Offer websites are sites where you have to complete offers to make money. Offers can be anything where you have to download, install or even buy anything online. You get free offers and paid offers. Free offers are where you can do basically anything for free and get paid.

How do offer websites work

You can get paid up to $2 per action that you take, but this is low because it is free. The paid offers are where you have to buy something or take a free trial to get paid. If you do not do this right, you can burn your fingers with it.

As a general rule I would advise you to only buy something if you are interested in the product itself or if the amount you pay are lower than the amount you earn. In this way you can make a profit, but remember to cancel your free trail 2 days before it ends otherwise you will pay for it.

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Should you join Cash Tasks?

No, I do not recommend them, because they will not pay you, so you need to stay as far away as possible. Remember that not all PTC and Offer type sites are a scam and some of them are actually very good.

What can you do now?

I think you are just as disappointed as I am about this website. Usually if a website claims that they will make you a ton of money, then onhelpe should be very careful. Maybe now you are wondering if there is any way to make money online.

There are hundreds of ways to make money online and for today I want to talk about taking surveys. Taking surveys for money is a legit way to make money online. You do not need to worry because all the survey websites you get on my website are for free and you will never need to pay for anything on my website.

To get started in the right direction is probably the hardest thing to do and here you do not need to worry because you can take a look at my free training if you are a bit lost. The training will consist of multiple modules which you should read through and finish each task that I give to you.

This training will teach you how to avoid the most common mistakes, how to make the most money from each survey panel and more. Even if you are an experienced survey taker, you will be able to learn something new from it.


Thanks for reading this article and if you have any questions or experience about this website, then I would definitely like to hear from you in the comment section below 🙂

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  1. Hi Viljoen – Thanks for your Cash Tasks Review. The problem is the internet is full of scams and with human nature being what it is people believe everything is a scam. Our job would be so much easier if we could just wipe them all out (not as much fun though)
    Keep up the scam busting

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