Daily Survey Panel Scam

Daily Survey Panel Scam: Read My Review Before You Visit This Panel

Daily Survey Panel scam- Are they legit?Daily Survey Panel Scam

One word that really gives me the chills is “scams”. I do not like them and I try to warn off as many people as possible about them. You can either lose a lot of money or time with a website that is a scam. You were probably wondering if Daily Survey Panel is a scam and all I can is that they are legit.

Luckily they are not a scam, but there were a couple of features that I did not like, except for the very low threshold of course.

Daily Survey Panel review

Website: www.DailySurveyPanel.com

Payment Threshold: You need a minimum of 200 points or $1

Reward type: Cash via PayPal or gift cards

Cost to join: Free

Status: Legit

What I liked Daily Survey Panel

Daily Survey Panel has a couple of nice features that I liked such as the minimum threshold of $1 and they also pay through PayPal.

daily survey panel review


What I also liked was that your points will never expire. They work on a point currency where each 200 points will give you $1. These were the only features that I liked so far. You also get a $1 sign up bonus which is not bad.

The not so good

You can only join if you are located in the United States, UK and Canada which might be a bummer if you do not live in these countries. I also heard of a lot of people who complained about all the screen outs. Usually when you are just about finished with your survey, they will screen you out.

This happens when they find out that you were not the person they were looking for. Another problem is that they do not pay much per survey. Most surveys range around $0.5 and usually take around 10 minutes to complete and compared to other survey panels that is very low.

Should you join Daily Survey Panel?

If you are serious about making money online with survey panels, then I would not bother that much with this panel. They are free to join, legit and their payment threshold is very low, so I do not see any harm in joining them. You can figure it out yourself after 2 or 3 surveys.

Can you make money with survey panels?

Yes you can. There are several other survey panels which pay more than this one per survey, but let me explain to you a couple of important points about survey panels.

  • Join more survey panels. You can never make enough money to brag about if you only join one survey panel, because the more panels you join, the more opportunity you will have to get higher paying surveys. You should skip the milk and go for the cream.
  • Go for the highest paying rate. Because you only have so many hours per day, you should go for the surveys that pay the most per hour.
  • There are other ways to make more money. Things such as focus groups, product testing, offers and also getting referrals to survey sites is awesome ways to make money with survey sites.
  • Avoid the most common mistakes. There are a couple of mistakes that so many people make when doing surveys. Mistakes such as having multiple accounts per survey panel and giving untruthful answers while answering surveys can lead to more survey disqualifications and you can even get banned from the survey panel.

These are just some of the things that you must consider when thinking about making money with survey panels. You can learn more by taking a look at my free training here at Survey Royal.


Thanks again for reading this article and I hope you found it very useful. Daily Survey Panel is not a bad website, but there is better. Please drop me a comment below if you want to add something to this review 🙂

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  1. I tried daily rewards. All that you said was true. Very low earning potential. I, however, had a problem with them. I reached the payment threshold after six weeks and requested payment. A week or so later I left Canada on vacation. While abroad I completed a couple of surveys. They said I breached their terms of service by doing so and cancelled my payment and closed my account. This was just dishonest in my opinion

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