Do Not Make These Mistakes

In this classroom I am going to discuss some of the problems that people make when answering surveys and what you can do to avoid these mistakes. The reason why I give you this topic in classroom 2 is to help you to avoid the mistakes from an early stage, so that you can start on the right foot with filling out surveys.

Mistake 1. Never pay for surveys.

This is a mistake to avoid at all cost and is never recommended to pay for surveys. Even if it is a type of survey directory. All the information about surveys are for free and you can get them all on the internet. I have done my best to do the research for you and to give it to you in a step-by-step platform such as this one.

Mistake 2. Make sure you know when your points will expire.

Most of the surveys work in a point format where you can convert a certain amount of points to cash and get paid via PayPal.  Some panels have a year points expiry, while others have a 2 year points expiry. You will also get this data from the privacy policy.

Mistake 3. Always give honest answers.

Make sure that you give honest answers every time when you complete surveys even if it takes you a while longer. Id you do not give honest answers, you might get disqualified for the survey and not earn money for it. When you have a bad reputation with a survey panel, they will not send you many surveys and you will never get higher paying surveys from that panel.

They can catch you out by:

  • Asking you a trick question. When you say that your hobby is playing golf and they find out in a later stage that you do not know what a “green” is, then they will notice that you lied to them in the first place and you can get disqualified. They cannot afford to give bad quality answers to the company that are paying them.
  • They can also see if you rush the survey as they know how long it takes to complete on average.

Mistake 4. Do not try to give them multiple fake accounts.

If you think that you can “game” them, then you are making a mistake. They will find out so do not even think of doing it.

Mistake 5. You MUST keep track of the surveys that you complete.

This might seem like it is not important, but it can actually help you a lot. In rare cases the survey panel can lose track on who completed specific surveys. If this should happen, it would be wise to take screenshots of the surveys you completed and make sure include the date and survey ID or number. This way you can prove that you completed the survey.

Mistake 6. Complete the highest paying surveys first.

when you open your panel and you see there are several surveys available, you should complete the higher paying ones first. Do not make the mistake of saving the best for later. survey panels have a certain amount of entries open for a specific survey and when it is filled, they close it. In this case the early bird catches the worm.

Mistake 7. Do not cancel your membership if you do not get any surveys yet.

What you can do is to double check the information about yourself and to make sure it is right and that your profile surveys are completed. The other reason for the delay might be that they do not have any surveys available. This is why it is so important to join as many panels as you possible can.

Task 1.

Join Inbox Dollars Here

Make more money with inbox dollars

This is probably the fastest way that I earned $0.5. It took me about 3 minutes to complete my profile surveys and to earn $0.5.

You need a minimum of $30 to cash out.

Step 1. After you join, you must confirm your account by going to the E-mail address that you gave them. By doing this you will get your $5.

Step 2. After joining you should complete your 3 profile surveys. It took me about 5 minutes to make a total of $1.

Step 3. Set Inbox Dollars as your homepage browser or download their toolbar. With each search you will earn a specific amount of money. If you are already searching the web, you might be able to make money with what you are already doing. It is like earning while you sleep. You will earn $0.01 for 2 qualified searches and can get a maximum of $0.15 per day.

Ways to earn with Inbox Dollars

  • Completing surveys. You might receive one or more surveys per day.
  • Play games for cash.
  • Search for money
  • Get from 1% – 10% off of stuff that you buy online. Saving money is almost the same as earning money. If you like to buy stuff online, you can do it through Inbox Dollars.

I want you to remember this

You will probably not get much surveys with Inbox Dollars, but let me explain something to you. It took me 5 minutes to make $1 and if I work out my hourly “wage” it will come to $12 per hour. Lets say you can take surveys for 10 hours a day, you will get $120 per day.

Now the main problem with Inbox Dollars is that you might only get 1 or 2 surveys per day, but it will only take you about 10 minutes to complete. After a month or 2 you will easily be able to cash out with the minimum of $30 with only 10 minutes a day.

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