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Earning Station Review: Are They Worth The Try?

Hi, guys. If you are reading this post then it means that you are looking to join Earning Station. There are so many Earning Station Reviewpeople looking for money making opportunities online and there are also a lot of opportunities that runs with it. Today I am going to give you an Earning Station review where I will discuss a couple of things that you should know about them and surveys in general.

Survey Panel: Earningstation.com

Cost to join: FREE

Pay with Paypal: No, Only pay via gift cards (updated).

What is Earning Station?

Earning Station was established in 2011 and gives users the chance to earn money by completing very simple tasks. They are a new company compared to others such as Global Test Market and Toluna, but they are really worth joining.

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How to earn money from them?

There are several ways to earn money from this survey panel. Some of them are also used in other panels, while some of them are new. You can the following to earn money:

1. Do Surveys. Almost every survey panel has surveys available to make money from. Some pay more than others, but might be longer to fill out. It is also one of the easiest ways to make money from a survey panel.

2. Search the web. It would be very cool to make money from what you are already doing. It is like getting paid to sleep 🙂

3. Play games. You might not get paid much for playing games, but it is same as getting paid by searching the web. If you like playing games, then why not get paid for it.

4. Watch videos. Also great if you like viewing videos.

5. Shop online. This is only for those that are already an active buyer online. How this works is that you get points for each item you buy through them. It is the same principle as getting a discount or a coupon. So let’s say you are planning to buy a new guitar then why not get paid to buy something. It is a bad idea to buy something just for the money, so focus on buying stuff that you really want.

Mystery shopping

Anything Negative about Earning Station?

There is one negative thing that I almost forgot to mention. Unfortunately, you need to be a US citizen to use this panel. Recently I discovered that they do not pay via PayPal anymore and only with gift cards.

Do I recommend Earning Station?

My final answer will be yes. I do recommend them, but there are a couple of things that you should know about online survey panels that will really make big impact on your earnings.

Join Earning Station Here (US Only)

(Remember to activate your account within your mail after you join)

More about online surveys

There are dozens of panels online that you can join and most of them are actually good. Doing surveys is very easy, but there are a couple of things that you should remember. There are a lot of mistakes that people make that are losing them more opportunities to make money from online surveys and I can guarantee you that most people do make them.

There are also other opportunities to make more money such as focus groups and product testing. Most people do not even know of these golden nuggets. But where can you find this information?

This is the main reason why I created the Survey 101 training module in the first place. Inside this course, you will learn a lot of valuable information on surveys and what mistakes to avoid. I also have a couple of advanced tips that can multiply your income with surveys.


Though Earning Station is a new website, they are great survey panel to start with in my opinion. I also told you about my free training that you can look at and learn. Thanks for reading Survey Royal and please leave me a comment below if you have any question or share if you think your friend will benefit from it as well.

30 thoughts on “Earning Station Review: Are They Worth The Try?

  1. Viljoen… Your site is great! I love the training guide. I have steered clear of surveys because they seemed like a lot of work for only a little money. Your site has shown me that I need to rethink that decision. Thank you for the information.

    • Hi Maureen

      You get some panels that do not pay much per survey. It is a process that everyone has to go through to determine which survey sites work for them. Everyone will have different results from each survey panel.

  2. Hi Viljoen.
    I have been looking for ways to earn a little extra money in my spare time.
    I have tried other sites like these without much success, so I’ll give earning station a try and see how it works out. I like the fact that it’s free to join and hey, you already earn $5 just for signing up 🙂 can’t beat that. Thanks for the heads up ~Jeremy

  3. Its refreshing to stumble upon a survey site that is actually helpful and informative. I’m always online surfing and shopping so it’s a nice idea that your getting something back from it. Gonna give earning station a quick visit I think!


    • It is nice to earn money for something that you are already doing like surfing the web. Good luck and feel free to visit my training if you get stuck 🙂

  4. Unfortunately, when I read about this offer that gave you a free $5 just for signing up, I was pretty exited to try it, especially since you can cash out after only $10. So, I clicked the link that said I’d get the $5 for signing up, I signed up, and didn’t receive the money. I’m disappointed, but also curious. Is there a reason why this may have happened, such as the offer no longer being an option? Or are rewards such as these supposed to be reviewed first? And if they are reviewed first, about how long does the process take? Curious if I just wasted my time and gave out my email for nothing in return. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s insight. Thank you in advance. 🙂 I also encourage everyone to take a look at my blog, I just started, but I will be posting shortly!

    • Hi Kelsey

      Did you go verify your account through your e-mail address. You need to do it before you can get your $5. After you register with them, they will send you a link to your e-mail, because most people try to trick these survey panels.

      Also check in your spam folder. Hope it helps 🙂

  5. This is the most screwed up sign up process I have ever seen. The captcha images on the final screen are ridiculous. I have great vision and can hardly see what the letters are. When I do finally get it right, there is a code I have to copy in the box below. However, once that is completed, the “submit” button does not become active, therefore wasting all my previous efforts. If they can you get this fixed, I may be interested again at that point.

    I thought I would send them a comment and request some assistance with my logon, but guess what, more captcha images just to submit a comment. I finally got it correct, but the code would not allow me to submit yet again. Wasted a good 15 minutes of my time trying to set this up…I would not recommend this site until this error is resolved.

    I am using Chrome, will attempt with a different browser to see if that helps, will advise once I know.

    • Thanks for your input Jared.

      This is the first time that I have heard this problem. If you cannot read the captcha, you can press the button where you can reload the captcha. Normally if you reside in a country outside the US, then the submit button won’t work.

      Let me know if you could register successfully and good luck.

  6. So I joined and all and I confirmed my email and all that (didn’t get 5$). But i’m not understanding it. You said we can receive money in our paypal all I see is this Sd stuff that we exchange for gift cards. Care to explain on how I can earn money using my paypal?

    • Hi Chelsea.

      Not yet im afraid. I have been doing research on other blogs about this problem and every website says that you get a $5 bonus. I will soon have to update this article.

  7. Hi Viljoen,

    I came across this thread online so I thought I’d contribute. I manage the Customer HelpDesk for EarningStation.com.

    To address the main concern regarding the $5 sign-up bonus- we no longer offer that promotion (expired months ago), but we do offer 300 SD ($3 equivalent) if you register and opt-in to receive surveys from our partners sites- MyView.com, ZoomPanel.com, and OneOpinion.com.

    We also do not pay users in PayPal, Cash, Check, etc.- Only in physical Gift Cards, for now. The minimum cash-out amount is $10. Most activities on our site reward $0.50-$3, so it typically doesn’t take long to cash-out.

    We’re very sorry about the captcha. We need to have that on our site to prevent malicious software from entering our system- but as a real user, we do want you to join our site! Please email us directly at helpdesk@earningstation.com if you have any questions.


  8. I’m really confused how much your really getting paid? I’m confused by the station dollars and how do you get your money once you’ve earned it?

  9. Hi. I enjoy your site. A recent experience has left me wishing to share my experience. I have been a member of Point2Shop panel. They sent me surveys, I completed and submitted surveys, they credited my account each time. No problems….Until I tried to redeem my points. They denied my payout request, refused to address my question(response was unrelated form letter) and they blocked my account.
    Thanks for allowing me to share my experience.

  10. I joined two months ago and get three or four “invitations” a week. Each has two surveys to do, one that says I have already completed it, the other another profile to help qualify me for more.

    Ha. They’re just spam traps about home ownership, financial worth, do I own or rent, when will I buy my nest car, insurance blah blah. Checking my spam mail , I always GOT immediate junk about guess what? The very topics I’d just been asked, especially cars and home-improvement services.

    I no longer answer them, and will probably relegate Earning Station to spam, and maybe try again “one of these days.”

    Or not.

  11. Hello,

    You just mentioned that only those in the US can join EarningStation. Actually, I live legally in the US, but I’m NOT a citizen nor a permanent resident. So, am I eligible to join? Do you think that they have now started to accept payout by PayPal?

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