The Harris Poll Online Reviews

The Harris Poll Online Reviews With Pros And Cons

There are a ton of survey sites while some of them will not reward you and some will. Fortunately the majority of The Harris Poll Online Reviewssites are legit and will reward you and luckily Harris Poll is one of them. Today I am going to write one of the Harris Poll online Reviews to give you more information on the company before you join. I also do reviews on sites to determine if they are a scam and I also teach you on how to sniff out an online scam.

Survey panel: Harris Poll

BBB Rating: A- (Click Here For More Information)

Payment: Only gift cards and sweepstakes.

Points System: 125 HIpoints per $1

Minimum Threshold: 1250 HiPoints or $10

Mobile App: Yes

About Harris Poll

Harris poll is a survey panel that will pay you for your opinion. Some people will say that online survey panels are a scam, but not Harris Poll. Harris poll is a company that will pay you each time you fill out a survey. Even if you do not qualify for a survey, you will get paid for it.

Join Harris poll

Harris poll Survey Panel

What I liked

  • Wide range of countries can join. You are not only restricted to the US, so there are a couple of countries that can participate
  • Still get paid for disqualification. When you disqualify for a survey, you will still get rewarded. Though it might not be much, you will still get rewarded for your effort.
  • Enter sweepstakes. For each survey you complete, you are entered into the sweepstakes competition which can range from $250 to the grand prize of $10,000. It will be great to open your mail one day to see that you have won $10,000 🙂 . Personally I do not prefer to use up my points for the sweepstake entries, so this one is a bonus.

What I did not like

  • They only pay in the form of gift cards and not in actual cash. If you are a person that already buys stuff online then this can work for you. These gift cards are available for Amazon, Walmart, restaurants etc. Personally I prefer my rewards in cash.
  • No mobile app. There is no mobile app available that you can download for your phone.

How many surveys will I get per week?

It really depends on a lot of factors and you can expect to get 1 per week. There are other panels that offer more surveys per week, so Harris poll is a bit on the low side of the survey invite rate. This is why I always prefer to join multiple survey panels instead of just one. People will always discriminate a survey panel if they do not get many surveys to complete per day.

All of this will be taught in the training I provide and with it a list of great panels you can join.

How many surveys will I get per week

Should you join Harris Poll?

Yes you can. Harris poll is a legit site that will actually reward you for your efforts. Though they do not reward you in the form of cash, they do however reward you with gift cards. They also have a low survey invite rate, but they have a low redemption threshold of $10, so it will not take too long to be able to cash out.

Join Harris Poll Here

One of the biggest problems I see with survey panels is that they do not offer people enough surveys to complete on a regular basis. This is why I always say on my posts that you should join multiple panels to really make money with surveys.

The more panels you join, the more surveys you get. You will also get a higher chance to get better paying surveys and your chances of winning the sweepstakes will also increase.

My recommendation to you

Taking surveys for money is easy, but there are a couple of things that you should know about surveys to really utilize their full potential. First off you need to avoid the most common mistakes that so many people make. These mistakes can influence your survey invitation rate and can be the main cause why you are not getting the higher paying surveys.

There are also things such as focus groups and product testing that people do not even know off that are really the icing of the cake when it comes to online survey panels. I also use a very simple technique that can make you the most money from each survey panel out there. This is the reason why I created Survey 101 training guide here in Survey Royal.


As I mentioned above Harris Poll is not on my top recommended list, but they are worth joining. I also provided you with free training that you can take that will increase your earnings. Please feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions 🙂

20 thoughts on “The Harris Poll Online Reviews With Pros And Cons

  1. I have joined quite a few different online survey sites before, but never Harris Poll. I like that you can get some compensation, even when you don’t qualify. It seems like most sites let you get quite a ways into a survey, disqualify you, and you don’t get any type of compensation. I also usually don’t seem to get enough surveys to even make it worth my efforts as well. So, if I understand, with Harris Poll, you need to sign up for multiple panels. This is definitely something I will be looking to as I like getting the gift cards now and then. 🙂

    • Hi Michelle

      It can sometimes be a pain to finish a survey halfway and then to get screened out. No one will make much money just from joining one panel and the more you join, the more surveys you will get.

  2. I’ve never heard of Harris Poll before, but are survey sites generally worth doing? I’ve never found one yet that was worth my time, but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places. I should probably take a look through your site to find the betters ones.

    • Hi Marcus

      There is not one survey site that is going to make you a lot of money. The secret is to join a couple and then go for only the highest paying surveys. This will increase your earnings per hour.

  3. Great post this had a lot of good info in it. Its so hard to know which sites are legit but this was very helpful!

  4. Hi Viljoen, You have said that Harris Poll only pay out in the form of gift cards but when I click the link above to Join the Harris Poll, it says on the front page of their site in big text “Earn Cash, not points for….”. That’s a bit confusing, is it cash loaded onto gift cards?

    • Hi Neil

      I also went through the link right now and did not see it. I also looked at their FAQ and saw that they only pay in the form of gift cards. The heading is “Influence Tomorrow
      Get Awesome Rewards”. You get points and when you get enough, you will be able to get a gift card.

  5. Hmm not bad compared to what is out there. One survey per week is a bit of a weak spot but then again I guess I would have to sign up to other survey providers if I were to take this kind of thing up as a career. The fact that there is a $10 threshold is great but what looses the battle for Harris Poll is they only pay in gift cards.

    • Hi Jason

      I agree with you on that. Personally I like my rewards in the form of cash. Some people do not mind to get gift cards in return. Another turnoff is that their survey invite rate is a bit low, but every little bit helps in the end.

    • Hi Sarah

      I recommend that you take a look at my monthly income report. There you will see the potential of earnings that you can expect to get 🙂

  6. What stood out for me in the Harris Poll was that for every survey you complete you are entered in the sweepstakes. It would be nice to win $10,000 🙂 I didn’t like how you only get 1 survey per week, I guess it’s worth joining if you sign up for multiple polls.

    • Hi Rachel

      That is exactly my point. There is no harm in joining a survey panel and even when you have a small chance of winning, there is always that little chance of winning. There is also not one survey panel that is the best. Some are better than others, but the more you join, the higher chances you have of getting the higher paying surveys. 🙂

  7. I’ve never heard of Harris Poll before. I’m glad I read this review, because now I have another survey site to check out. Do you get “screened out” of a lot of surveys on this site, or do they tailer them to your demographic?

    • Hi Stephanie

      They will not send you a survey if it does not fit to your demographic. That is why you have to fill out your profile surveys first. The only reason why you will get screened out in the middle of the survey is because they realized that you are not the person they were looking for.

  8. Great info, Will have to look a lot more into as I personally haven’t had great experiences with doing surveys. I disliked the fact when doing surveys I get through it only not to qualify, so being compensated either way sounds good.

    • Hi Paul

      It is a great feature for any survey panel to have. It can be frustrating if you are almost finished and you get message that you did not qualify.

  9. Hi Viljoen.

    I have never had any success with online surveys in the past, so I gave up! However, after reading your review on Harris Poll, it seems there is some money to be made after all 🙂 Thanks for the review and I will consider this survey site. Neil

    • Hi Neil

      There are a lot of survey panels and one mistakes that people make is that they quit too soon. When a panel starts to trust you in the sense that you give positive and constructive information, they will start to send you more valuable surveys to fill out which will also earn you more.

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