How To Avoid Scams In Online Money Making Ventures

How To Avoid Scams In Online Money Making Ventures

Hi folks. More than 85% of people get scammed online from programs and services that claim that they can make How To Avoid Scams In Online Money Making Venturesyou more money online. The problem is that so many people fall for this type of scams and it really gives the internet a bad name.

Almost every second a person is getting scammed and it is time to filter the rubbish from the gold. In this post I am going to discuss ways on:

1. How to avoid scams in online money making ventures.
2. How to sieve the good stuff from the bad stuff.
3. A free bonus.

Are there really legit ways to make money online?

Yes there is. The only problem is that so many people do not know what to look for when it comes to legit programs. They do not have the sieve to filter the good stuff from the bad stuff. Hopefully after reading this post you will know what to look for if ever buying into any program.

How to identify a scam 

There are a couple of things that you can look for that will stand out like a zit on someone’s back lol. And here they are below.

1) They have “too good to be true” claims. Have you ever seen an ad on a website that states that you can make $1000 per day after a month for only 30 minutes a day? Everything of this ad is wrong if I can give my opinion. Ask yourself this question. If it really is that easy then why is not everyone doing it? The answer is going to be that it is not going to be that easy.

2) Constant up selling. One time I bought a program for $1 and I could not believe how cheap it was. After I logged into the program the owner bombarded me with other products and told me that I will make more money if I bought into the next membership level. Most of these types of programs are illegal pyramid schemes and should be taken aware of. Some of the legit programs I know of have different payment and membership levels, but at least they will let you know beforehand.

3) No transparency on what the program is about. If they cannot at least tell you what you will be doing after you bought the program, then how can you ever think of buying it. They can just as well tell you to smuggle drugs after you bought into their little scheme.

4) Huge discounts. When I was still searching for ways to make money online, I once came across a program that what selling for $50. It was a bit expensive for me, so I clicked on the exit button. Then another screen flashed in my face telling me that I have a 50% discount on the program. This went on until they wanted to give the product to me for free.

From $50 down to $0 was really a wake-up call for me because how can they bring the price of a product from 50 down to 0 dollars. If any owner really has faith in their product they will not drop it from $50 down to $0.

5) Fake testimonials. When you see a testimonial of a female with male’s name or any mismatched information then it should ring a bell. Scammers use a testimonial generating software that pulls data out of nowhere. If the testimonial is fake, then the product will also be fake. Now this is just common sense.

The 2 examples on how to make money online

1) Completing online surveys

Completing online surveys are a great way to earn an additional income from home. Surveys are a great way for companies to get research data and they are willing to pay millions for your opinion. They would rather pay that amount instead of risking the name of their entire company. With online surveys you can earn from $50 up to $1200 per month.

It certainly is not a magic formula to quit your job, but it can easily fill empty spots in your wallet. Now here is where my bonus comes in. With the free training provided here at survey royal, you will learn a couple of methods on how you can earn more money from surveys. This module will also give you a list of free survey panels to join.

Join can easily increase your chances with 120% to earn more money with online surveys.

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Online surveys are a fast and risk free way to make money online, but it is very limited to what you can earn.

Affiliate Marketing

2) Affiliate Marketing

This is also a viable option to try out. With affiliate marketing you will build your own website and earn a commission from each product you are able to sell online. It is a great business model where you can scale your business so there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn, but it is not as easy as online surveys.

With affiliate marketing you can work for months and not earn a penny, but if you do it right you will be able to quit your daytime job after 12 months or more. You will need to spend money to start, but it is not as much as a brick and mortar business. You definitely do not need to make a loan with the bank to start with your websites.

If you are someone that is thinking of a long term solution to financial problems, then this is for you. If something is not easy, then it does not mean that it is impossible or not worth it.

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There are scams online that one should look for, but there are also very legit opportunities that you should not miss. In this post I provided 2 methods that you can choose from. Depending on your current situation you can choose one of them. With this I only scratched the surface on making money online, so if you have any other ways please feel free to leave me a comment below.

10 thoughts on “How To Avoid Scams In Online Money Making Ventures

  1. Hi Viljoen, thanks for the information. Most people would be well served reading this, being that there are so many scams out there online, and too many people even just when browsing often come across something that’s too good to be true.
    Like you say, there are honest ways to make a buck like with surveys and affiliate marketing.
    Cheers, Tony.

  2. Very insightful! Some sites are legit that say “too good to be true” but if it involves giving out your credit card number, it’s tough to trust. Love the post and this is a must read for everyone!

    Glad you shared this!

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