How to find the golden nuggets inside a survey panel?

Welcome to classroom 3 and here I am going to talk about how you can make the most out of a survey panel. I How to find the golden nuggets inside a survey panel?already talked about how survey panels work and what mistakes to avoid. When you are reading this classroom, you are on a good start. I already stated the importance of joining multiple survey panels in my first classroom and the theory of the “sixes”.

Now we are going to go into more depth to find out what these “sixes” or “golden nuggets” are and what you should do to get them.

Examples of golden nuggets.

1. Focus groups A focus group can range from $20 up to maybe $100 while some can be more. A focus group is almost like a survey, but with a few differences. It is much more focused (as the name stated) on a specific topic or product and is not as broad as surveys. You can only get invited into a focus group, because the amount of openings are very limited.

There are several things you can do to increase your chances of getting accepted. Below I will discuss some of them.

  • Ask the panel. There is nothing you can lose by trying. If they know that you are interested, it might increase your chances for an invitation.
  • Give good quality answers. This should be a general rule for all of the surveys you complete. If a panel sees that you are giving real good quality answers that the companies can use, then they might just invite you.
  • Participate in more surveys. By participating in more surveys and being more active, the panel will start to see that you mean business and your chances for getting accepted will increase.

2. Membership levels (star system) – With some survey panels you will be introduced to a level or star type system. It works like this. the more surveys you complete, the higher will your rating be. If you have a higher rating, then you will get paid more per survey. So the ideal is to get to the highest level as fast as possible. This way you will get paid more per hour and with more benefits.

3. Sweepstakes entries – Sweepstakes entries is almost like a form of gamble. Some of the prizes range from $1000 up to $5000. Some of the sweepstakes you need to buy with your points, but I would advise you to participate in more surveys that will automatically give you an entry for that month or year. You will have a very small chance to win $5000, but if you join multiple panels, you will get a higher chance of winning.

4. Product reviews – Product reviews is one of the ways where you can earn money simply for “testing” a product. A company will send you a product or a service and you will have to do a review on it. Sometimes you will have to take a free trial for the product and just remember to end your trial after you are finished if you do not want to pay for the product. After you are finished with your review, you will earn money. These reviews can be for restaurants, new kind of beauty product etc.

5. Play games – This is actually not a big way to earn money, but if you are already playing games online, then you should try it out. Why not get paid for something that you are already doing online. It is like getting paid to eat or sleep.

6. Search the web – It is the same as playing games online so if you surf the web on a regular basis, you will get paid doing it. you can almost pay your internet fees with searching the web. Cool huh :).

7. Webcam surveys – With webcam surveys you can earn more for what you will get for a normal survey. What they do is they record the reactions you take while looking at a video or taking a survey. This will also give them more data than an actual survey. It can be fun, but for some people it is not a very comfortable experience.

8. Higher paying surveys – Sometimes the panel will pay you more per survey and there is a couple of things you can do to achieve this. I will discuss them below.

  • Fully complete your profile surveys.
  • Always give honest answers about yourself.
  • Do not rush the surveys.
  • Ask the panel for more and higher paying surveys.
  • After registering you should immediately complete a couple of surveys.
  • Regularly update your profile survey.

And this is it. There might be more ways to earn more per panel and it is always best to dig into a panel until you find some of this opportunities. Most of the panels has a blog where there will be more information on how to earn with them.

Task 1

Join Toluna


Toluna is also another great survey panel to join. They are free to register and they also pay through PayPal. It is a bit hard to say what their minimum payment threshold is because each country is different. You get from $0.2 up to $6 per survey.

This panel works on a point system where 3000 points = $1.

The longer the surveys, the more points you get, but remember to work out how much that survey pays per hour.

You can also do product testing and mini polls.

I gave this panel a rating of 7.5 out of ten and you are welcome to read my full review.

=> Click Here To Join Toluna <=


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