How to track your survey earnings, my tips revealed

Congratulations on completing classroom 4 and now you are on a good track with your survey journey. As you can measureremember I stressed the fact that you should join as many surveys panels as possible. When you are registered to a lot of survey panels there will be a lot of things that you should keep track of. This step is very important to do as it is here where you will discover where the golden nuggets are.

1. Screen capture the surveys you already completed.

Sometimes some of the survey panels do not keep 100% track on the amount of surveys you completed and how much you earned. This will be very rare, but it is a good idea to have proof of your earnings and the surveys that you have completed.

You can press the “print screen” button on your keyboard and paste it in windows paint (use any picture drawing program you have). You can then save the picture in a folder where you keep track of your earnings for each survey panel.

2. You will never know if you don’t measure.

If you want to get maximum earnings, you need to track them. The purpose of this is to know how much you earn per hour. Because you work to get an active income you need to raise your earnings per hour. When you open your e-mail and you got 10 survey invitations which ones must you complete first?

The surveys that will pay the most per hour.

Open all of your invitations on a different tab. When you have done that you should take your calculator, work out the earnings per hour for each survey (Most survey panels do provide the earnings and the average time it takes to complete the survey) and then write it on a piece of paper.

Go through all of your invitations and calculate each one’s earnings per hour.

For example

If a survey is worth $4 and it takes an average of 20 minutes to complete, then it will earn you 4*3= $12 per hour for that survey. Organize them from the highest to the lowest earnings per hour and the start with the highest one first and work your way down the list until you had enough of filling out surveys for the day. My list will look like this:

Survey no 1 = $10 per hour

Survey no 2 = $7 per hour

Survey no 3 = $5 per hour

Survey no 4 = $3 per hour

Survey no 5 = $1 per hour

The reason why you should start with the best ones first is because survey panels have a limited number of Time Your Earningsparticipants for each survey. When all the slots are filled the survey will close. This is why the early bird catches the worm and this way you will earn the maximum amount per hour possible.

You would be surprises on how many opportunities or money people waste by not tracking their earnings and calculating the earnings per hour. You could waste 2 hours and make $5 or be wise and make $10 in one hour. The more panels you join, the more “low hanging fruit” you will get.

Open your e-mail, plan you surveys for the day by calculating their earnings per hour, arrange them from highest to the lowest and work your way down the list. Try to complete as many as possible until you are tired and continue the next day.

Daily task

Join My Survey 

How to find the golden nuggets inside a survey panel?

My Survey is one of the most trusted survey panels there is with a BBB rating of A+ and is operated by Lightspeed Research. They are also free to join and pay through Paypal.

They also have a minimum payment threshold of 1100 points or $10 

Which is very nice btw.

Step 1. Register with my survey and fill in your form.

=> Join MySurvey Here <=

Step 2. Once you are registered you should go to your e-mail and activate your account with them.

Step 3. Go through your notifications on the website and complete your profile surveys so that you can start to receive surveys.

Step 4. Wait for surveys to complete.


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