Inbox Dollars Review

Inbox Dollars Scam: Absolutely Legit But Read This Unbiased Review

The Inbox Dollars scam? – I don’t think so

“Is Inbox Dollars Legit?” Inbox Dollars Review

I have heard this question multiple times before from people that are afraid to go out and try this survey panel. It is also a very good question to ask because there are a plethora of scams online and a lot of people get caught up with them and lose a ton of money in the process.

This is not the case with Inbox Dollars because they are free to join. There are things such as paid offers where you must pay for the offer, but you do not need to do them if you do not want to. In this review I am going to give you my full unbiased experience with this panel. So without further ado let me start with my review.

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Inbox Dollars Review


Pay Out Threshold: Minimum of $30

Payment type: Check

Sign up bonus: $5

Cost to join: Free

Status: Legit

Inbox Dollars is a survey panel where you can make money by completing surveys, offers, search the web, playing games, watching videos and getting free coupons.

With this variety of ways to earn money, you will not have any excuse to be bored. I also like the free bonus of $5 that you can get just by simply joining this panel. Before I continue further with my review, I would like to state that Inbox Dollars is not a get rich quick scheme and this panel will definitely not make you so much money so that you can quit your job.

Join Inbox Dollars

This is only one panel and to tell you the truth, there is not one survey panel in the world that will make you a full time income. You need to join multiple panels if you want to get close to it and that is not even guaranteed.

 What I liked

  • Free to join. You do not need to pay any amount of money to register with this company. If you stumble upon a survey panel that requires a payment to join, then you need to press that little red “x” button on the top right hand corner of your computer screen.
  • You get $5 just for signing up. This is very cool of a survey panel to give you money just for signing up with them. It is like getting a free starter meal at a restaurant.
  • They have a variety of ways to make money. If you get bored by filling out surveys all day then you can try other methods to make money with.
  • Pretty nice referral program. If you get referrals to this site, you will earn 10% of what your referrals are making.

inbox dollars scam

What I did not like

As I promised you earlier on I will try my best to give you an unbiased review about this panel, so I will give you some things that personally did not like.

  • They only pay via check. Most people do not have a problem with checks, but I am not a big fan of it. I wish they could pay via PayPal. If a survey panel does pay via a check then it is not the end of the world.
  • Very few surveys to complete. You might only get one survey per day, but later in this article I will give you some very important information regarding surveys.
  •  Some people get burned by the offers. This might be their own fault, but this is something that you should do very carefully. I know of some people that make a ton of money with the offers alone.
  • Most of the surveys go to US citizens only. If you are living in the US then you have nothing to worry about.

Join Inbox Dollars

Ways to make money with Inbox Dollars

There are several ways to make money with this survey panel and it is very important that you must read this section.

1) Inbox Dollars surveys

The surveys will range from $0.1 up to $2 or more and are directly correlated with the length of the survey. As I stated previously, there are a couple of very important things to look at before you join this panel. First of all the surveys do not pay that much, BUT they are very short and fast to do.

When I first started with this panel, I made $1 in the timeframe of 5 to 10 minutes. This will be equal to $20 to $10 per hour which is great. This is where the trick comes in. Though you only get one survey per day, you can easily make $30 per month for only 1 hour of work.

Your main focus should be to make the most money per hour from survey panels.inbox dollars surveys

2) Offers

This method requires that you either complete free offers or paid offers in return for cash. The free offers require that you register with other websites or download software. You might get paid from $0.5 up to $3 for this.

The paid offers are where you need to buy for a membership or a free trial. The free trials require that you pay $1 for it and they normally pay you anywhere around 3 to 6 dollars. Most of these offers are from 3rd party companies and the way to make money from them is to complete the offers that bring in the most profit.

Please Remember!!!!

You need to cancel your free trial 2 days before it ends, otherwise you will end up paying for the product. This is how most people get burned as they become greedy with this method and do not keep track of all the free trials they take.

3) Inbox Dollars Search

This is not compulsory but you can make a bit of money with this. If you are logged into your Inbox Dollars account, you can go to the search menu and type a keyword into it. Then it will list a websites that are relevant to the keyword that you typed in.

inbox dollars search

It is the same as Google, Yahoo and Bing and I do think that they use the Bing platform to get those results. Each time you search, they will use your data to build up their knowledge on consumer behaviour. For 2 valid searches you get $0.01 and it is limited to $0.15 per day.

4) Inbox Dollars Cash Games

This method will not bring in that much money, but it is nice you can get paid for stuff that you enjoy doing. If you are serious about making money from this panel, then I would not encourage this method. The games are mainly arcade and puzzle type games.

5) Inbox Dollars Coupons

These coupons are free to get and will give you discounts on several products at specific shops in your area.

6) Get referrals to Inbox dollars

If you have huge social following or know a couple of people that wants to make money online, then you can try this out. For each referral bring to this panel, you will make 10% of what they are making. This can lead to serious passive income.

Join Inbox dollars

One of the best ways to do this is to build your own website such as the one you are on now. If you would like to learn the ropes in getting your own website, then you can read my getting your own survey panel referrals page.

How to dominate survey panels

There are hundreds of survey panels online that you can check out and each one has different ways to make money with. I have a couple of very easy training modules and some advanced tips that you can check out inside my free training modules.

Inside this training modules you will learn things such as how to avoid the most common mistakes that survey takers do and also all the different ways to make the most money from each panel as possible.


Thanks for reading my review and I hope you found all the information helpful on this page. This is not a bad panel to start off with and they are completely legit and safe to join. Feel free to drop me a line below if you have any questions 🙂

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  1. Hi. Pls help me. Why is it no Philippines their in the city where I live. And there only four numbers of zip code here in Philippines not five. Pleasa can someone help me and tell me qhat to do

  2. Beware! This company does not ensure completed surveys are paid! I was able to earn several checks, but about half of the surveys I completed I was not paid. When I contacted customer service, they simply copied and pasted their terms and conditions to me. They are not responsible for anything done by their Advertisers! It is a way you can earn a little extra money, but it takes a lot of time. I never made more than $30/month using the app all the time.

  3. This is outdated. Now they have a Physical Prepaid Card, Virtual Prepaid Card, Tango-e Gift Card, and the traditional check. they used to have the reloadable JP Morgan/Chase Bank Card but it was discontinued.

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