Is CashCrate Legit? The CashCrate Review That Tells It All

Hi and welcome to Survey Royal. Today I want to talk about a specific survey panels that has caught my eye recently,Is CashCrate Legit? The CashCrate Review That Tells It All so I decided to write this review about it. I also heard people asking the following question:” Is CashCrate legit and will I make money from them”. So feel free to read on as I will explain this survey panel in more detail.

I will tell you what I liked, what I disliked, the ways on how to make money from them and I also have a free bonus for you near the end of this article. So not to waste anymore of your time, let me start with my CashCrate review.


Payment Method: Check and PayPal

Minimum Withdrawal: $20

Cost To Join: FREE

More about CashCrate

CashCrate is really one of my favourites when it comes to online surveys and offers. They provide a variety of ways to make money from it and while some of them might be a complete waste of time while others can really be worth it. So to answer your question on whether CashCrate is legit I will say YES they are.

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Cash Crate Survey Panel

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What I liked

  • They have a low cash out threshold. You need a minimum of $20 in your account to request your payment. Most other survey panels will pay you once you reach $50, so $20 is not that much compared to most of them.
  • Different ways to make money. It is always a good thing to have a variety of ways to make money. They do not only have surveys, but they also have offers that you can do or watch a video.
  • Sweepstakes. When you complete some of the surveys, you will also be automatically entered into a competition.
  • They also have a blog and a forum. This will really help you to know the panel better and the more active you are in this, the more invites you will get.
  • They have a referral program. You can make a lot of money if you know how to get referrals. More will be discussed about that in this article.
  • They are worldwide. You do not need to live in the US to make money from them.

What I did not like

  • Some offers require payment. You can make money with this, but you need to choose an offer that will pay you more, then what you will have to pay. Some of the offers are also for free.
  • First payment is via check. Your first payment will be a check and then afterwards you will get a paid via PayPal.

Ways to make money with CashCrate 

Below I will discuss some of the ways on how you can make money from this panel. I will also tell you my recommendation on each one.

How to make money with cashcrate

1) Surveys 

My recommendation for the surveys on CashCrate is to rather go for other companies that will pay you more per survey. If you find a survey that pays well then go for it. CashCrate is a third party website that partners with other websites. It is better to join with the other websites directly because you will earn more money that way.

Cut out the middle man as they say. For more info about the other companies you can go to my Top Survey panels page to go and join them directly.

The survey invite rate can also range from 7 up to 30 per week. The reason for this is because of your profile and also the location you are situated in.

2) Offers

There are 2 types of offers that you can take. First there are the free offers and then there are the paid offers.  The free offers are very easy to do. Mainly it will require that you download something or join a specific program to earn money. You can earn from $0.5 up to $20 per program that you join.

Cash Crate Offers

The paid offers are a little bit different and are indicated by a “$” as indicated above. Sometimes they offer you more per completion, but now you have to pay for it. The best approach you can take is to make sure that you get paid more for you are spending. Let’s say you are offered $5 for this offer and you must pay $3 to get it, then you will make a $2 profit.

Some companies will also give you a free trial. Just make sure that you cancel the trial before it ends and always watch out for recurring payments. My warning for paid offers is not to be greedy with them as you might burn your fingers. Read the terms of conditions very carefully and do not buy a product if you do not want it.

The best is to stay with the free offers as there is not any risk involved, but it all depends on you and how you want to do it. Some of the free offers are very helpful such as a free antivirus that you can download or a free credit check. They are free and easy to do and will also pay you.

3) ReferralsHow To Get Cash Crate Referrals

This is also one of my favourite ways to make money from survey panel that has a referral program. With this
specific panel you will get a 20% commission for what your referrals make and also a 10% commission for what the people your referrals referred make because it is also a 2nd tiered program. You will also earn $3 if your referrals make reach their first $10.

If you are interested in making money from referrals it is a good choice to build your own website. This very website you are on is a great example of how it works.

Click Here To Read More On How To Get Referrals

There are also specific levels that you can reach that will benefit you as you go along with getting referrals. You get a bronze, silver, gold, platinum and elite levels.

4) Cash Tasks

This is something that I would avoid as it is simply not worth it. You will get paid a couple of cents to do simple jobs for them.

5) Videos

This is also a feature that they have and really is not worth it. It is almost pays the same as the cash tasks and it is really a waste of time. You get paid a couple of cents just for watching a short commercial.

Should you join CashCrate?

My answer is going to be yes. They are a legit panel that rewards people for the work they do. The income you will get will also vary a lot as there are so many factors that will play a role which will influence your income.

Join CashCrate Here

My Bonus

Filling out surveys is a very easy thing to do and it is one of the fastest ways to make money online, but there are a couple of things that you should know when it comes to online surveys. There are a lot of mistakes that people make which decreases their chances to get an invite to more surveys and also higher paying ones. The sad thing is also that more than 60% of people are making these mistakes and you could be one of them.

There are also golden opportunities that are the cream of any survey panel and very few people know of it. I also developed a very simple technique that will help you to make the most money per hour and also how you can squeeze every survey panel out there for the most money.

I am also busy with training on how to get more referrals and this I will also discuss in that training. Now you are probably wondering where you can find this training. You can find this training in my Survey 101 training guide here at Survey Royal.

Most people will ask you money for only a list of survey panels to join and they do not even give you any training on how to make more money from it. Did I also forget mention that this course is for free?


Thanks for reading Survey Royal and I hope that you found this article helpful. In this article I discussed CashCrate in more depth on what I liked, what I disliked, how to make money from them and I also gave you access to some free training at Survey 101. Feel free to leave me a comment below and you can also tell everyone what your experience was with this panel. Also share to your friends if you found this article helpful :).

23 thoughts on “Is CashCrate Legit? The CashCrate Review That Tells It All

  1. I was always thinking that surveys are scams, but on your website I can admit, you change my mind and point of view. Of course, the surveys I find was very scammy not like your’s no.
    What do you recommend? How can I start? I don’t have money to invest, maybe after I earned and make it sure is working, then I can consider investing. Where do I start?

    Thank you in advance for your time. Keep us informed!!


    • Hi Diego.

      You do not need any money to take part in surveys. They are all for free and if a company ever request a payment, then I would stay away from them as far as possible. If you want to start, you can go to my free training guide.

  2. Hello and thank you for this thorough article on Cash Crate, which I must admit I hadn’t heard of! There are so many dodgy scams out there it makes a change to find a scheme that gets a ‘thumbs up’ so I might just give it a try, and I will bookmark you and come back for more top tips! Cheers.

    • Hi Peter

      Cash Crate is a great site to start with. What makes them good is their offers. This is where the golden nuggets are within this panel. I am glad you enjoyed my review 🙂

  3. Hi, great article! I was wondering do you know how much time it may take to be able to cash out? Also, is there a certain number of surveys you can do before the cut you off?

    • It is really hard to say. You will get a specific amount of surveys and once they are finished you will get more the next day. I do not know how long it will take to cash out. It varies greatly from person to person. Some do it in a week, while other do it in a month.

  4. I normally steer away from survey sites but now I can see that there can be some real potential there. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks.

  5. I gotta say I’m not really a big fan of using surveys to make money. Usually the payout isn’t very good, like you have to do a 20 min survey and you get like $0.25 but if they pay you more per survey then I will definitely think about joining.

    • Hi Monica

      I agree to that. To get paid only $0.25 for 20 minutes of your time is a waste. This is why I join as many panels as I possibly can. This way you have more surveys to choose from and when you have a choice, you can go for the higher paying ones.

  6. Viljoen,

    Thanks for the great breakdown on CashCrate, very thorough and a great read.
    I had tried survey/offer programs in the past but I never really earned enough to make them worth my time.

    I also enjoyed the rest of your site, thanks for the other reviews as well.
    My best,


    • Thanks Gary.

      The money you earn from surveys is limited to how much time you spend. You might not make a full time income, but they are very easy to do and you do not require any skill to participate. Everyone can do it regardless of age, country and experience.

  7. One thing I hate about survey sites is that you go through about 10 questions and then you find out you are not qualified for the survey. How is this any different?

    • Hi Marc

      When it comes to Cash Crate I would not really spend too much time with the surveys there. There are other panels that pay more per survey than Cash Crate. I would rather focus on the free offers as they pay the most.

  8. I’ve been following your site for a while now and find that it is an excellent source of information for anyone interested in earning a little cash from surveys. This is a great rundown of Cash Crate. I would highly recommend the reviews on this site to anyone trying to sort out the good survey panels from the bad.

  9. Have you seen any comments complaining about lost check payments from this survey panel? The first payment not being with paypal makes me not want to join.

    • Hi Bryan

      Checks is also not my favourite method, because they can get lost. Cashcrate on the other hand is not a scam. If you are a bit unsure about CashcCrate, then you can only do the surveys which will cost you nothing.

  10. I dont have a bank account so i worried about not being able to cash my checks from cashcrate. Could i put my account name as my boyfriends name so a check will come in his name so he can cash it for me?

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