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Is FusionCash A Scam?My FusionCash Review With Online Surveys Tips

Is fusion cash a scam? What you can expectThe Fusion Cash surveys

Hi there and thanks for reading Survey Royal. Before I get started with my review, I would like to get something out of the way first. Fusion Cash is not a scam and they are completely legit. If you join them and start doing surveys and offers, you can expect to make money from them.

The Fusion Cash surveys index: The important stuff


Redemption threshold: $25 minimum

Payment method: PayPal, direct deposit and check

Cost to join: FREE

Bonus: $5 just for signing up

Status: Legit

Is fusion cash a scamFusion Cash review: What they are about

Fusion Cash is a survey panel that has a little mix up. They don’t just only do surveys, but offers too. Other panels such as PrizeRebel and CashCrate have the same functions as FusionCash. They have a minimum redemption threshold of $25 which is actually very good. Some panels have a threshold of $50 which can be a bit high for some people.

There are also a couple of restrictions that they have that I will cover below.


  • Pay with PayPal. This method is by far one of my favourite methods to get paid. Direct deposits are also good, but personally PayPal is better for me. I also hate getting my earning from a check, because a check can get lost and you also have to go to the bank to cash in.
  • Low redemption threshold. They have a redemption threshold of $25 which is not bad. Some of the other websites has a threshold of up to $50.
  • Bonus of $5. This is also great. Now you only need to make $20 more to cash out for your first time.
  • High survey invite rate. You can get around 8 surveys per week to complete.
  • Variety of ways to make money. This is a nice feature to have for a survey site as you can sometimes get tired of surveys only.

Make money with Fusion Cash


  • Very country specific. You can only join if you are situated in the US and Canada. This can sometimes be very frustrating if you are not situated in the right country. This is one of the biggest complaints out there that I hear about survey panels.
  • Paid offers complaints. Some people really got their fingers burned with paid offers. You really have to know your game when it comes to this. Below I will discuss it more in detail.

Fusion Cash review

How to make money with Fusion Cash?

There are several ways to make money with them, but I am only going to discuss the 2 best ones that work the best.

1) Surveys. This is something to really look at, but my recommendation for you is this. One good thing about this website is that it gives you the average time that it takes for most people to complete the surveys. When you have the time you can work out how much you are getting paid per hour for the survey.

I would advise you to go for the highest paying ones per hour first even if it pays the most for the survey. Remember that the best way to make the most money from surveys is not to take highest paying ones, but to take the ones that pay the most per HOUR. This method of selection will increase your hourly rate.

2) Paid offers. On the tab to the left there is a “Paid To Sign Up” section where you will get paid for each company you sign up with. Please remember that not all of the offers are free and some of them require a payment. You can still make money from them, but you need to work out the profit you will make beforehand.

If you are spending $4 to join or whatsoever and you get paid $7, you will make a profit of $3. This is just an example to show you if you do not know how to work out the profit.

Also Remember….. Sometimes you will get free trials to complete in order to earn money. Make a note of the date on which your trial ends and then cancel your subscription a day or 2 before it ends otherwise you will end up paying for it. If you feel uncomfortable with e paid offers, then I would recommend that you do not do it.

Join Fusion Cash

Do online surveys really work?

My answer is going to be yes, but you need to remember one thing. This is not a wonder formula for making million. Many people go around and say to you that you will make thousands of $$ for a minimum times work. Some also say
Do online surveys really work? that most survey panels are scams and are ripping people off.

Now why would this happen?

You also need to join more than one survey panel to really get the best chance to make more money with them. One survey panel just won’t cut it.

People are greedy when it comes to survey panels and sometimes they will do things that will break the terms of agreement. I heard a story of another guy that created 2 accounts just so that he can get double the surveys. Survey panels are not stupid and they know when you have more than one account.

They also know if you are not being truthful in the surveys they give you. The real truth is that surveys want to pay you more, because the more surveys you do the more money they make from the companies that they are affiliated with. If you can proof to them that you will give them honest and reliable information, then they will pay you more.

My recommendation to you

There is so many things that I want to teach you, but I cannot cover them all in this post. I can teach you things like how to squeeze a survey panel for the most money, how to avoid the most common mistakes and also other things such as focus groups and product testing.

You can get all of this information from my Survey 101 training guide that I made ready for everyone that are serious about making money from online surveys.


Today I gave you a more in depth review about FusionCash on whether they are a scam and also what you can expect from them. As you can see there is much more to online surveys that meets the eye. They are very easy and simple to do and it is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Thanks for reading Survey Royal and please feel free leave me a comment below on what your experience is with this panel 🙂

14 thoughts on “Is FusionCash A Scam?My FusionCash Review With Online Surveys Tips

  1. Hi Viljoen. I’ve been watching your site with interest and taking some of your advice on the good survey panels. Fusion cash looks good, but unfortunately it’s not available in my country.
    Keep it up. This is the best site I’ve been to for tips on survey panels.

  2. Fusioncash was starting to look brilliant with all those pros and even a $5 bonus (not many sites will give you that). But then I noticed, US and Canada only and I thought that’s me out. Us Irish generally don’t get a good deal when it comes to these kind of things.

    • Hi Jason

      Yes, it can be a very big disappoint if you get excited about a survey panel and then you find out that they are restricted to location. Luckily there are other panels that are open world wide 🙂

  3. Hey Viljoen, I have had a few experiences with survey sites before and I had very little positive experience with any of them. That could be that I was mislead to think that you could actually do surveys to earn a living. Or it could be that I just did not know how or have the patience to learn.

    I have not tried FusionCash however and as I am now living in the Caribbean there are no surveys opened to me.

    • Hi Marlon

      I think very few people are making a full time income with surveys. Personally i would not quit my job just yet after joining a couple of panels. I will try to find out about a couple of survey panels that you can use from the Caribbean.

  4. Well I’m glad that it’s not a scam, but personally I wouldn’t pursue this as a long-term way to make a lot of money. I think Wealthy Affiliate is a better way to build a solid online income, but that’s just my personal preferance.

  5. Completed various tasks at Fusion Cash (about which you wrote review), earned about $28 total. But cashing out is not allowed. Tried three times, three different ways to “verify my ID” with them – finally, I guess they got tired of hearing from me and deactivated / restricted my account. All this, so they can avoid payment of trivial amount of money that I ‘earned’ by clicking ad and watching videos? What a joke. I didn’t “violate terms of service” in any way unless requesting a payment was that violation… Can I share this experience with others so they don’t get scammed?

  6. Join them do $25 worth of surveys with $15 in actual survey’s and try to get paid. They throw one roadblock after another and then IF they allow you to cash out in order to get paid on the 20TH OF THE FOLLLOWING MONTH! That is IF the approve your payout by the 20th in the current month. Some scumbag lawyer no doubt came up with this in hopes the person will die; lapse into a coma; go to jail; or just plain forget.

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