Is Get Cash For Surveys A Scam Or Legit

Is Get Cash For Surveys A Scam Or Legit? – My Review

The online world is full of money making opportunities and there are a lot of products claiming that they can help Is Get Cash For Surveys A Scam Or Legityou to make money online. Some might be a scam, legit or somewhere on a grey area. Today I want answer a question that so many people are asking and that question is “Is Get Cash For Surveys A Scam Or Legit?”.

I created Survey Royal with the main purpose to help people make money with online surveys and to sieve out the legit companies from the not so legit ones. Let me start with my review.

Product: Get Cash For Surveys

Price: $77 down to $27 and then down to $12

Rating: 50/100

What is “Get Cash For Surveys?

This product is just a survey directory and that is it. All they have is a list of survey panels that you can join and when you join them, they also make money. So why do they get paid if you join through their website? Most survey panels have a referral program where they can get paid up to $4 if they refer someone to their panel.

I joined this panel a while ago and they did have some pros and cons.

What I liked

  • There was only one thing that I liked and that was the list of survey panels that you can join and that is it.

What I did not liked

  • They do not offer any training. There is nothing major about surveys, but you do need a little guidance on how to actually make money from them. There is a lot of mistakes that you can make that can either reduce your survey invite rate or get you banned from a panel.
  • They charge you money for only a list. I really do not see the value of this program if they only charge you money for a list of survey panels. Most of these panels are legit, but you can get all of these panels by searching for them online for FREE.
  • The $50 down-sell. Most people see this as a great thing, but this is actually a very clear sign that it is a low quality product. First they charge you $77 and if you want to exit they give you $50 discount. If that was also too high for you and you decide to quit, they will then drop their price to $12. If you are willing to drop your price from $77 down to $12 then your product sucks. Sorry, this is just how I feel.
  • Also more up-selling. Okay now this is getting ridiculous. First they drop their price and then they want you to buy something else after you already bought the program.
  • Too much hype. I have a bit of experience when it comes to surveys and it is very rare to see someone that is making $3000 per month with it. A realistic expectation on how much money you can make from online surveys is from $20 up to $1300 per month (If you work really hard at it). To earn $3000 per month is just peer garbage.

Get Cash For Surveys

Can you make money with online surveys?

Yes you can, but it is very limited. All it really comes down to is the amount of survey panels you join and also if you know what you are doing. Online surveys are a legit way to make money online and are also the easiest.

My recommendation 

There is a couple of things that you should know such as focus groups, webcam surveys and also product testing when it comes to making money with surveys. You should also know tricks on how to reduce your chances of getting disqualified for surveys and also how to make the most money possible from a survey panel.

You can learn all of this from Survey 101. Survey 101 consists of training modules that will help you to make more money from survey panels, how to avoid the most common mistakes that so many people make and examples of survey panels that you can join. Did I forget to mention that this training is also for free.

Click here to join Survey 101

My conclusion

Though I would not say that Get Cash For Surveys is a scam, I would rather say that it is low quality product and all the information they provide, you can get for free by searching the web. This product will not make things easier for you if you decide to join them and it will only cost you more money.

8 thoughts on “Is Get Cash For Surveys A Scam Or Legit? – My Review

  1. Hi Viljeon, great post! If a company will keep lowering its price just to make you join, I agree they can’t have a very good product! And how do the people who paid $77 feel? Thanks for the heads up! Radheya

    • Thanks Radheya.

      If a company keeps lowering its price just so that you can join is a clear red flag. This is one of the signs that shows me that a product is a low quality or a scam.

  2. Great post! I’m always suspicious of cash for surveys programs. I have never found one that seemed to really work out. Thanks for the info!

  3. As I mentioned before I am not a fan of surveys and when they start to charge for the privilege of doing surveys I stick to that rule even more. But a great review all the same, thanks man.

    • I agree 100% Jason. One should never pay to participate in surveys. If they provided good quality training with that list then maybe they could charge a little bit for it.

  4. Thank you for the important post. This is really helpful . I had an experience with them , I have collected points but at some point I was lost . There was no guidance at all . It is a very low qualityproduct indeed .All the best .

    • It can sometimes be very frustrating if you do not know where to start and what to do. I also bought the program a while ago and it did not help me at all.

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