Is Inbox Dollars Real And Will You Really Make Money From Them?

When it comes to making money online with survey panels such as Inbox Dollars, there will always be a concern whether it is a scam or not. Is Inbox Dollars real and will you make money from them. In this post I am going to give you real information on Inbox Dollars and some of the positives and negatives. Read further for more information.

Inbox Dollars Real

Survey panel: Inbox Dollars

BBB Rating: A+ (Click here for more information)

Status: Legit

Run By: Cotterweb Enterprise

Pay by Paypal: Yes

Money per survey: $0.5

Minimum Withdrawal: $30

More about Inbox Dollars

As you can see, Inbox Dollars is fairly legit and it is not a scam. You will make money from it, but not very much at the start. There are several ways to earn money with Inbox Dollars. You can take part in surveys, read E-mails, play games online and refer friends.

Inbox dollars is not a get rich quick scheme and will not make you rich overnight. If you read the terms and conditions of Inbox Dollars you will see that they do not tolerate advertisers who uses this type of marketing method and they can actually lose their account with them.

What I liked

  • You earn $5 just by signing up at Inbox Dollars. This is very nice of them BUT . . . . . . . .you will need to do a lot of work to earn $30 if you want to cash out.
  • There are a variety of ways to earn money. If you like to play game, why not get paid to do it. To get paid to do something you like is a real bonus.
  • There is no pressure to perform tasks. You can go and do tasks right away or wait a while to do them. Just as long as it fits into your schedule.
  • You can earn 10% from what each of your referrals make. I like it when a panel has a referral program, but 10% of $0.1 is $0.01 and that is very low. If you have a website and you earn decent traffic from it, you can make some money.

What I did not like

Take into account that Inbox Dollars is NOT a scam and you can make money with it, there are several things that I did not like.

  • You do not get paid much per survey. You do not get paid that much and to top it up, you do not get a lot of surveys either. There are other several panels that will pay you a bit more for doing surveys.
  • You get bombarded with a lot of e-mails. Another way to make money on Inbox Dollars is to take free trials. There you have to join a lot of other websites and that results in a lot of junk e-mails in your inbox.
  • Many complaints about free trials. It is very important to close your account in time with some of the companies where you have to take free trials. If you do not do this, you will be charged for the product and that you do not want.

What should you do now?Inbox Dollars Real

Inbox Dollars is a real legit company that will pay you for your efforts, but it is not a viable way to make money on the internet. Though it is one of the easiest methods to get paid for doing simple things, you will not make much from them.

To tell you the truth, there will not be one survey panel in the world that will pay you very much with their surveys. The “secret” (if I can call it that) is to join multiple survey panels to get the most out of surveys.

To top it off

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