Is Points2Shop A Scam Or Legit

Is Points2Shop A Scam Or Legit? The Review That Made Me Excited

Is Points2Shop a scam?Is Points2Shop A Scam Or Legit

Hi folks. Today I want to talk about a website that is called Points2Shop and I am going to dissect this website to learn more about what it is all about.

In this review I am going to talk about what this website is all about, how you will make money from them and is points2shop legit. Now let us start with my review.

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Points2Shop review: The important stuff


Payment type: PayPal, Amazon, Visa and Check

Payment threshold: $1 PayPal and $5 minimum for everything else

Cost to join: Free

Status: Legit

More on Points2Shop

This website is a Get-Paid-To website or GPT in short. It also has several alternatives such as and which is also GPT websites. Points2shop works on a points system where 100 points is equal to $1 but there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

They also have a Facebook and Reddit account.

This website works on 2 types of currencies which is cash and points. You can always exchange your cash to points, but not points to cash. This can be a bit frustrating but I will discuss it more in detail below.

Points2shop Review

What kind of rewards do you get?

1) Cash. There are 2 ways to earn cash and they include the following. Firstly you can earn cold hard cash for referring friends to this website. You will get a link which you can place on your website and you get a referral when a person joins under you through that link. The second way to earn cash is to complete cash offers and this offers do not pay you in the form of points, but cash.

2) Points. This is the second currency in which you can earn. It is important to remember that you cannot convert points into cash, so if you have earned points, you can only redeem them in the form of gift cards which you can use in

How to make money with Points2shop

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How do you make money from them?

There is actually several ways to earn money from them, but let me break each method up for you

1) Surveys

With the surveys, you can earn up to $4 per survey and they normally take 30 minutes to complete. There is not much to say about the surveys, because usually these GPT sites like to use sites as Toluna, Global Test Market and other survey companies.

They act as a third party where they earn an incentive for each survey that you complete. My recommendation to you is that you join these survey panels directly to cut out the middle man and earn more per survey.

2) Offers

This is the second method and also one of my favourite ones. It is also very important to note that you get 2 types of offers. First you get the free offers where you have to join another company or sign up to them for free and each time you do it, you will earn points or money.

Secondly you will get paid offers. The only difference between paid offers and free offers is that you have to buy something to earn money. Now how can you make money with this? You can make a lot of money with paid offers, but you need to remember a couple of things which I will discuss below.

  1. Make a profit. Make sure that you make more money than your initial investment. If you pay $10 for something and you get $15 in return, you will make a profit of $5. If you have to pay more than what you will earn, you will have a loss, but can be irrelevant if you really want that product.
  2. Cancel your free trial in time. Some of the offers require that you take a free trial to earn money, but remember that you should cancel your trial one 1 or 2 days before it ends otherwise you will end up paying for a product that you do not want.
  3. Watch out for recurring payments. Some of the offers also require that you have to pay a monthly fee to get paid.

 3) Videos

Here you have to watch a video to earn points or cash. For me this was a complete waste of time and I do not recommend them.

4) Daily task

This is where you have to do very short tasks such as clicking on ads or more. This method also pays pennies and is not worth it.

5) Games

They also have games that you can play like the P2S RPG game.

6) Getting referrals

This is probably the one of the best ways to make money with this site, but it can also be one of the hardest. It has a
simple layout on how it works, so I am going to explain it more in detail as there is a lot to talk about. There are 2 ways to make money from your referrals.

Points2shop referral program

1) You make money from each registration and offer. When a referral joins though your link and completes their profile, you will earn from $0.01 – $0.5 per registration and the same goes for the offers. To make money from each registration and offer that you referrals give you, you need to keep one thing in mind.

The amount that you will earn depends on the location of your referral. When your referral comes from US, you will get $0.5 per registration and when they come from Australia, you will make $0.01 per registration. I do not know the primary reason for this, but I think that referrals that come from the US have more value to this website.

2) You earn money for what your referral makes. This is actually very simple and easy to understand. You earn 15% of what your referral makes; 3% of what your 2nd level referrals make (This level is the referrals of the people that you initially referred to this website) and 2% for the 3rd level referrals.


Why I am very excited

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This program has a great way to help you build a passive income online. I also see many people that make money from this website, because of its referral program. This is also why I dedicated a whole article on how to get referrals to survey websites that might be able to help you out.

This can make your life so much easier

I have a whole story behind this whole “making money with survey sites” thing and I discussed it in the about me page. I made a ton of mistakes online with them and I have learned a lot when it comes to making money from survey sites. This is the main reason why I created the Survey 101 training guide here at Survey Royal.

This guide will help you to avoid the most common mistakes that so many people make online. It will also help you to make more money from surveys and also how to find the golden gems inside a survey panel.


As you can see there is nothing to worry about when it comes to They are legit and you can make money from them. They are not a “get rich quick scheme” that will make you million overnight, but if you really put the effort in, you can make something from this.

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Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions or if you have any experience with this website 🙂

18 thoughts on “Is Points2Shop A Scam Or Legit? The Review That Made Me Excited

  1. Hi,
    We need more sites like yours that will be guiding people to make an informed decision.

    I was scammed once, but if i had the privileged of getting info from sites like yours that could have been averted.

    • Hi Shaun

      Thanks for the comment. Points to shop is not the only GPT site out there. I know that some people do not like a site that has paid offers and I completely understand it. If you do not do it right, you can really get your fingers burnt.

  2. I’d never heard of Points2shop till I saw this review, it sounds a bit like Swagbucks only better. The offers section looks like it could work out well if you choose to participate, I also like the fact you can play games and earn! Good review, thank you. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the wonderful review on Points2shop. It sounds like an easy way to make money but very time consuming. I get 100 points and earn $1 but I can not trade my points for cash indicates to me that there is a problem. Points2shop maybe legit but I will pass. All looking to create a business, I recommend they do it with Wealthy Affiliate.



  4. Hi VilJoen, I have tried GPTs and surveys sites in the past and did not get very far with them. Mainly because of time constraints and not really knowing what I was doing.

    It is great to see a site like yours that can guide you through the does and don’ts of joining these schemes.

    Unfortunately, I still have constraints on my time but I am bookmarking your site for future reference.

    All the best.

    • Thanks Lis

      One should never rush it off. Start small and see what works for you. Once you found something that works, you must try to focus more on that. I would advise you to start with the free offers.

      Hope it helps

  5. Hey Viljoen, this is a great review. I have never heard of but it sounds promising. I have in the past tried other survey sites to make money and made nothing just ended up wasting my time. But I think I will look into this, an extra income stream never hurts. Thanks

  6. Points2shop actually sounds like an exciting program to be a part of for a little extra money, and I see that it’s an MLM too with the way the referrals work. This is ideal for anyone who enjoys surfing the net each day and earning some cash from doing so.

    Thanks for sharing your review, Viljoen. We look forward to reading more of your reviews 🙂


    • Thanks Neil. Usually I do not like an MLM type of business model, but luckily you do not have to BUY anything from Points2shop to participate in their referral network as most MLM companies. This is what I like about most survey site referral networks 🙂

  7. May I share my experience with Point2Shop? I participated without incident until I tried to redeem my points. After submitting my order to redeem, a block has been placed to resist me from award/redeemption activities. My emails are replied by form generated emails that do not address my issue. To date no explanation (despite my many direct questions) has been offered.
    Just wanted to share another perspective of Point2Shop.
    Thank you for all you do. Your thoughts or response(s) are welcome

  8. I am answering this for future people who want to look into this site. I was a member for five years, and never had problem.. I was an elite member, almost to diamond level.. Followed all the rules.. Then i moved reported the move and the change of IP address. I went to redeem a simple $20 for a gift for my niece and to my surprise it was declined.. It said I had violated rules and I thought it was over the change of address, as they are real strict about not having two accounts, and this was definitely a recycled IP address. I wrote seller support and they asked for proof of identity. Then when I gave them that they pretty much tried to say that I did offers wrong, and when I answered all their questions honestly< I never heard back from them. I did open a BBB Complaint, but I am sure that will not make a difference. I did not loose but $25 in earnings, but if you have ever used this site it can take a while to earn that, so that was wasted time which ticks me off. This site worked well for me for quite a while, before they screwed me.. If you use it then don't leave much balance in case they turn on you, earn enough for what you need and then redeem and start again. Don't use the chat box as it brings trouble.. If you ask a question and no-one answers and then you ask again, then they can and depends on who is working, they will ban you as asking more than once can be considered spam, even though the chat box is suppose to help people. If you have a problem expect a two day wait time or longer for it to be resolved. Don't make to many friends as they will turn on you to get a better status.. Reviews don't lie and there are many reviews like mine out there if you look for it and google it… No the website is not exactly a scam, but don't trust it either.

  9. They accuse of you “cheating” on this site for no apparent reason and then ask you to send a copy of your license. Not a trustworthy site in my opinion.

  10. Awesome site and advice man! How are things going so far for you with P2S? I got started not to long ago and it’s going great!

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