Online Jobs For Home Moms

Legit Online Jobs For Home Moms, Be Your Own Boss

Hi there. Today I want to talk about a very popular demand that is also rising. Whether you are a working mother Online Jobs For Home Momswho wants a part time job to supplement the household income, a mom that stays at home looking after the kids, but want to make some extra money online or a single mother that is struggling to make both ends meet.

This can also be a very sensitive topic because sometimes women needs to be empowered to do greater things for themselves rather than sitting at home doing nothing. But raising kids can sometimes be a full time job and to have a nanny really is a luxury. Everyone reading this post will have a different interest and passion, so I am going to give several options on how you can make an extra income. Online jobs for home moms are . . . . . . . . . . .

Online surveys

This is a very easy way to make money online and if you are someone that are willing to sit in front of your computer and answering questions, then this is for you. These questions are really simple to answer and can range from 10 up to 50 questions per survey. Most survey panels will pay you from $0.5 up to $4 per survey. Focus groups can also range from $5 up to $75 per session.

Though you might not be able to go full time with online surveys, but it can easily give you a little bit more flexibility on your income to make ends meet. Survey Royal was specifically created to help people to make money with online surveys and also how to do it the right way. I also created free training here at Survey Royal that you can join.

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This is also a great way to earn an extra income. This is perfect if you already have a specific set of skills that you want to make money from. If you have experience in writing, web design, translating, acting and almost anything you can make money through freelancing. There are several websites where you can join to enlist your services to potential customers.

Join all of these websites to give yourself a better online reach.

Make money online

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a very good way to make money online. I have seen several people that are making more than $3000 per month. The beauty of internet marketing is that the amount of money you can earn is really unlimited as it all depends on the amount of effort you put into it.

Here you need to learn how to build a website (Which is easier than you think), write articles for your website to get visitors and earn a commission for each sale you make. You also do not need to own a product to make sales. There are a lot of companies online that has an affiliate program.

You can earn a commission from 4% up to 50% for each sale that you make. The beauty of a website is that you can easily earn a passive income as your website does the work for you. Your website will still make money for you even if you sleep at night.

It has been a month since i worked on one of my sites and I still get visits on it every day. You might think that it is very hard to do, but let me tell you something. I started affiliate marketing back in the month of October 2014 and today it is 22 February 2015. I knew absolutely nothing of building websites and look where my sites are today.

Maybe it is just that I got world class training on internet marketing that pushed me this far.


Thanks for reading Survey Royal and I hope you found this post very helpful. Please feel free to share this if you think your friends will benefit from it as well. You can also leave a comment below if you have any questions.

8 thoughts on “Legit Online Jobs For Home Moms, Be Your Own Boss

  1. Hey Viljoen,

    I love all of the different choices you provided when it comes to freelancing websites. tons of stuff to look over which is awesome.

    I have heard of affiliate marketing and it sounds interesting. I want to look into it more. It looks like there is a lot more upside when it comes to affiliate marketing versus freelancing or online surveys.

    • Hi Andrew.

      With AM you are more in control and is easily scalable, but it takes time to build and you must love typing. The freelancing jobs and surveys are more for the short term if you are in a more desperate situation and it is also for free. All of these options work, but it really depends on what you want.

    • Hi Sarah.

      I do a bit of affiliate marketing and online surveys. Both are fun to do. AM is more for the long run while online surveys are more short term.

  2. Very good advice and tips, my favorite is affiliate marketing. There seems to be the most potential there to make a real income. My wife is very interested in this because we have 2 kids and by the time we pay daycare she really is not making enough to make it worth her time. Were would you say has the easiest affiliate program with the best commissions?

    • It really depends on your niche and what type of product you are selling. By getting 4% commission from Amazon is a bit low, but you can try Clickbank where you get much more commission per sale. I always like to go for private affiliate networks as they really give good commissions per sales made.

  3. Great website and good information on online surveys and how to make money at home. You have a lot of choices to choose from. I can’t decide which one, maybe affiliate sales, seems easy enough. Thanks for the great info. I’ll be sure to stop back and check out my options.

    • Hi Kitty

      If you like to type and write articles you can either do freelance writing or affiliate marketing. I would strongly recommend AM because you build your own website and this means you have your own business and are more in control.

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