Legitimate Survey Sites That Actually Pay

Legitimate Survey Sites That Actually Pay – The Top 5

Hi there. If you are looking for legitimate survey sites that actually pay, then you might want to read this post. There Legitimate Survey Sites That Actually Payare hundreds of survey sites out there and to filter the good ones from the bad can become a challenge. There are also so many survey scam sites that one should take into account before joining a survey panel.

What to look for in a survey site

Here are a couple of things that are important when you look at a survey site or panel

  1. How long is the site up? This is very important as newer sites can pose a potential threat and be a scam. Reputation needs to be built up before a site can really be called legit.
  2. Too high minimum payment threshold. When a minimum payment threshold is higher than $50 then you should take caution. Scam sites will wait until work hard to reach that threshold and when you want to cash out, they will steal the money.
  3. Never pay to join a survey panel. This is just wrong to pay if you want to join a survey panel. They should actually pay you.
  4. How much do they pay you per survey. It is not hard to realize that higher paying sites are better than lower paying sites. Try aiming for sites that pay at least $0.5 per survey.
  5. Do they pay you if you even disqualify for a survey. Some sites are willing to at least give you some credit for trying.
  6. Do they offer extra ways to earn money? Some sites have focus groups, product testing or even webcam surveys.
  7. What is their survey invite rate? The more surveys you get per week, the better. The average is 2 surveys per week.
  8. Do they pay you via PayPal? I almost forgot about this one. PayPal is a far better way to get paid as per check. Checks can get lost especially if you are in a foreign country and it also takes longer to get to you.

Below I will discuss some of the survey sites that are legit and also free to join. You will not make much from only one survey site, but the more you join, the more money you will make. My recommendation for you is to join with all of them to really make the most out of them.

1. Inbox Dollars Inbox Dollars Real

This is my first recommendation for a legitimate survey site. Very easy to join and you also get $5 just for signing up. You can play games, read e-mails, do surveys and search the web. If you want to know more about Inbox Dollars, you can read my full review here.

Or if you want to join right away, you can click on the link below.

Join Inbox Dollars

2. Global Test Market

This is also a great panel to join. Their survey invite rate is very high and they support almost every country. This global test market surveys paid surveyspanel is also free to join and you can either get your earnings via PayPal or check. Their minimum payment threshold is $50.

For a full review, you can go to my Global Test Market review page or if you want to join straight away, you can click the link below.

Click Here To Join Global Test Market

3. Toluna Surveys

This is another legit survey panel that rewards its subscribers for their hard work. You also get paid via PayPal whichtoluna safe
is also the best method of payment. You can also redeem your points for gift cards for Amazon or Starbucks. There is also money that you can win via sweepstakes.

For more information on Toluna, you can go to my Toluna review page


You can click here to join right away

4. My Survey

This is also one of the best and most popular survey panels out there. They also have a minimum payment threshold My Survey Reviewsof $10 which is also great and very low. They also pay via Paypal and has a referral program where you can make money from each person that you refer.

You can read the My Survey review for more information on this survey panel or you can click below to join right away.

Join My Survey Here

5. Harris Poll

Harris Poll is another great legit survey site that rewards people for their opinion in the form of gift cards. They haveharris poll logo a minimum payout threshold of $10 which is very low and easy to get. They also have a wide range of countries to join and each time you complete a survey you enter the competition where you can earn from $250 up to $10000 for each competition you win.

They are also free to join and for more information you can read my Harris Poll full review here or you can click the link below to join right away.

Click Here To Join Harris Poll

My free bonus

Some of you might be really interested in making money with online surveys and if you are serious about making money from them, you can go through my training modules. I created this modules to help you make more money out of surveys and also to teach you what mistakes to avoid.

There are countless mistakes that you can make and some of them can even be the reason why most people get banned from survey panels in the first place. My training will also show you how to make the most money possible from each and every survey and also how to look for any hidden gems such as focus groups.

The amount that you will earn will vary from $20 up to $1300 per month. This training can really guide you in the right direction to make the most money possible. I have also developed a technique that can double you earnings per hour with surveys.

The real truth is that you will not make much from one panel, but the more you join, the better chance you will have to earn more.

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My final word

I already gave you a couple of survey panels to join and I have only scratched the surface with them. Each one has it positives and negatives that I pointed out in my reviews. Feel free to drop me a question if you want to know more 🙂

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