make money testing products at home

Make Money Testing Products At Home

Hi there and welcome to Survey Royal. There have been many questions about product testing, so I have decided tomake money testing products at home write this article to explain it more in depth.

What is product testing?

Product testing is where a company will give you a product. When you receive the product, you need to use and test it. After you are finished with the product, you must then write a review about the product. Then you submit the review to the company and then you earn cash.

Most of these products can include the following:

  1. Dinner at a restaurant
  2. Electronic products such as gadgets
  3. Beauty products
  4. Games
  5. Educational toys
  6. Cooking wear etc.

These are but just examples on what you can expect to test.

Why do companies pay me to test their products?

Well it is actually very simple. To start the mass manufacturing process has a very high price tag. It can cost millions to produce a product. Let us say that something is wrong about with the product and then they need to make changes to this process.

It is much cheaper for these companies to detect the problems early with the help of product tester, than making major changes inside the factory.

Sometimes the companies need to get customer feedback on existing products so that they can also make small changes.

What rewards can I get?

When you want to get paid for doing this, then you need to join a survey panel. Most survey panels will reward you with cash trough PayPal or a check. Some of them will also reward you with gift cards or competition sweepstakes. Personally I like to get my rewards in the form of cash.

Will I be able to do product testing?

Some survey panels have thousands of participants that want to do product testing. It can sometimes be hard for them to choose which participants are best suited for the job. They will look at your profile data to see what your spending habits are or they will look at how active you are within the panel. Your chances might be slim, but the more survey panels you join, the better is your chance to get accepted for product testing.

I also see no harm in contacting the survey panel directly to ask them if you can do a review on a product.

Examples of product testing survey panels

Tolunatoluna safe

Toluna is a great panel to join and is also for free. They will pay you in the form of cash and you will get your money through PayPal. You can make money through online surveys, product testing and focus groups. When you reach a minimum of $20 you can easily cash out your earnings.

Join Toluna

Vindale Research

Also one of my favourites. This panel also has product testing available. You can also take surveys, watch movies orvindale logo earn money by referring people to their site. You also need a minimum of $50 before you can cash out and you can do this through PayPal.

Join Vindale research

Global Test Market

This is also one of my recommended companies that offer product testing. They are free to join and also offer surveysglobal test market surveys paid surveys where you can earn money from. Their survey invite rate is also high and you can get 3-4 surveys per week. They have a minimum payout threshold of $50 which is not that hard to reach and they also pay you through PayPal.

Join Global Test Market

My recommendation

There are actually a lot of survey panels out there that will give you products to test and review. I have only scratched the surface with these ones. Though product testing is one of my favourite ways to earn money from surveys, there are also other ways to earn money.

Things such as focus groups, online surveys, webcam surveys, web surfing and playing games. There are also a lot of people that make mistakes that will reduce their invite rate and if it is bad enough, your account will be suspended. There are also a couple of tricks that you can do that will enable you to squeeze the most money from a survey panel.

Doing surveys and product testing is very easy, but there are a couple of things that you should know. This is the reason why I have created Survey 101 training guide here in Survey Royal. This guide is very user friendly and will give you an advantage over many survey panelists out there.


Product testing is one of the best ways to make money with survey panels and in this article I also gave you a couple of panels that you can join. Feel free to leave me a comment below and also share if you think that your friend will benefit from it as well 🙂

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