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Mindfield Online Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

I came across this survey panel a while ago and it caught my curiosity. Then I decided to write my review about this Mindfield Online Reviewspecific survey panel. In this post I will tell you more on this panel, what I liked, what I did not liked and I also have a free surprise near the end of this review. Without further ado, let me start with my Mindfield Online review.

Survey Panel: Mindfield online

Cost to join: Free

Minimum redemption threshold: $5

Type of payment: PayPal or Check

Short description

This is an OK site, but I have seen a lot of other survey panels that are a lot better than this one. While searching for a couple of other reviews I saw that most people have a bad experience from them, so I decided to go and look for myself. The company behind Mindfield Online is McMillion research. It is actually very easy to join and after you created your account, you should verify it through your e-mail address.

The good

  • Very low payout threshold. This specific panels have a payout threshold of $5. This is very low in the case of other panels that has a payout threshold of $50.
  • They pay in cash. This is also a great feature that I like as most other companies pay in the form of market points.
  • Higher survey earning. You can earn from $1 up to $5 per survey.
  • They also offer focus groups. Focus groups are my favourite way to earn money from survey panels and are really a thing to look into.

The bad

  • Very low survey invite rate. Though they pay good per survey completed, their survey invite rate is very low. It does not even matter if a panel pays you $5 per survey and you can only get 2 or 3 per month.
  • Very low qualification rate. Now let’s say you get 4 invites per month ( which is a realistic value for this panel) and you only have a 20% qualification rate, then you will maybe be able to complete 1 survey per month from this panel. I heard of a member that only got 1 invitation in 3 months and she did not even qualify.
  • It can take a while for your money to show up. After you completed a survey, it can be a good feeling if you look at your account earning and saw a raise, but it can also be a bit disappointed if the status is showing “pending” for more than a week.

Should you join Mindfield Online?

Should you join Mindfield Online?

I really do not see why you cannot join them. Personally I do not think they are a scam. I have a guide on what to look for in a survey panel to see if they are a scam. It is also for free, so you have nothing to lose for trying. Maybe you will get more surveys than others or maybe not.

The number one reason why people do not get that much invites from a survey panel is because of your geographical location. Other reasons can also include your personal profile. It is always a good idea to complete and regularly update your profile to maximize your invite rate.

Join Mindfield online here

But wait!!!

If you are looking into online surveys as a supplemental income then there are a couple of things that you should consider especially if you are a newbie. Filling out surveys is very easy and I am not going to argue with that, but there is a lot of mistakes that people make that are losing them a lot of money.


These mistakes can be the main reason why you are not getting any invites or only a few. There are things such as focus groups, product testing and even getting paid to watch a video while webcam is on. This is the reason why I created Survey 101 training guide.

Go To Survey 101

Inside this guide I will show you a couple of tips that you can use that will increase your earnings and also how to increase your invite rate. There is also a little trick that I will teach that can help you on how to make the most money out of a survey panel. This training is also for free and does not cost you anything. I am not like these survey directories that request payment only for a list of panels to join.

The conclusion 

Mindfield online is not a scam and is completely legit. They are not one of my top 10 survey panels, but they are good enough to get reviewed by me. If you have any experience with them, I would like to hear from you with the comments below and you can also share if you think your friends will benefit from it as well.

8 thoughts on “Mindfield Online Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

    • Hi Martina

      Usually the longer surveys pay more, but there are a couple that pay a lot but takes around 10 minutes. One should work out how much you will get paid per hour for each survey.

  1. Getting $1-$5 is okay for one survey if it doesn’t take a long time. It does sound worthwhile if you’re registered with several other survey panels and you’re willing to wait to get an invite. Your review is very useful because at least you know what you’re getting into at the outset.

    • It is very wise to join multiple survey panels. By joining just one will just not cut it these days. Luckily there are more than enough survey panels out there.

  2. Online surveys are very easy and if you do a couple it is a good little extra income. But you need to be able to do more than a couple a month to get anywhere with it. For that reason I think I would choose a different service to get them done. A site with a low invite rate is ok but not if it is being used as the sole site.

    • I agree Brian

      It does not matter how good they pay, but if their invite rate is low, than it can sometimes be hard to make money with them. This is why I always recommend joining multiple sites. Thanks for the input.

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