Monthly Income Report – March 2015

I am very excited to pronounce that this is my first income report for Survey Royal in 2015. Inside this report, I ammoney-549161_1280
going to show you how much I have made, with which panels I made it and also how long it took me to do this. I think with this information, it will be so much easier for you to make an informed decision on which panels you want to join.

If you want to get the best advice on how to complete surveys and not get banned from a survey site, you can take a look at my Survey 101 Training Guide. In this guide, I will show you how I make money and how to avoid the most common mistakes that so many people make with surveys.

I am also giving you this report to show you that you can actually make money from survey panels. I have been doing this for a while so let’s get started. For this month I only worked on the following panels.

My Earnings

Total earnings for March 2015 – $155.52 (Not too bad for only 20 hours of work)

How long did it take me?

For this month I only worked on surveys in the afternoons. I only worked for about 1 hour per day while watching television or listening to music. I only worked between Monday to Friday. For this month I worked a total of 20 hours and it gave me an earning rate of $7.77 per hour.

What you can expect next month

I am also at the stage where I am busy working on more survey panels and to look at which ones pay the best per hour. Next month I will also have a new income report where I will show you how some new survey panels and also how much I made from them.

I did not get many referrals yet because this website is still very new and I will notify you when I did and also how much I made in my next report.

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  1. I’m glad I checked this out. Maybe this will help fill in a bit with bills until my website gets up and running with some gusto. Thanks so much for being willing to share this monthly report. I am definitely going to check out your 101 guide.

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