My Income Reports

Once every month I will give you an income report on what I have earned for that month and my reports will also be tax-468440_1280based on each survey panel or company I have joined and made money from. The purpose of this exercise is to show you that you can actually make money from taking surveys.

Please remember that nobody will have the same profile, demographics and location registered on each survey panel as I do, so your earning will not look 100% like mine. You might do better than me or you will earn a little less. The reports will show what is possible with each survey panel and what you can expect.

What I will give you is the survey panels, how much I have earned and also how long I had to work to get those earnings. They are only the resulted gross earnings that are accumulated in each survey panel and it’s not the actual payments.


The next income report will be given in the following month.

4 thoughts on “My Income Reports

  1. Hello Viljoen, thank you so much for all of the information you have compiled in a user friendly way. My daughter is very interested in earning money from home. I’m curious to know why you haven’t posted earnings since March of 2015? Is it because you no longer do the surveys, or because you earn so much from referrals on this site that you no longer need to, or for other reasons? Sorry, if this is too personal. Thank you.

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