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My Survey Reviews & Make More Money From Online Surveys

My survey started to do market research in 1946 and was able to get a better reach in 2001 with their website. They My Survey Reviewswere then able to make it easier for everyone to participate in surveys. In this post I will discuss more on the positives, negative and what you can do to make the most money out of surveys. Continue reading more about My Survey reviews.

Owner: Lightspeed Research

Panel: My Survey

BBB Rating: A+ (Click here for more information)

Pay with Paypal: Yes

Registration cost: Free

Payment system: 110 points = $1

Payment threshold: 1100 points or $10 minimum

Points per survey: You can earn less than $1 or earn more than $5 per survey because it depends on the length of the survey.

Rating: 7/10

What are the positives with My Survey?

  • They have several ways to make money. You can participate in product reviews, focus groups and webcam surveys which can be fun and more rewarding.
  • Very low payment threshold. You need a minimum of 1100 points or $10 to cash out. If you need money by the end of this month, this panel might work with you. Some panels have a threshold of $50 which is quite high.
  • Pay with Paypal. This is also a very good thing because you can get you money at a faster rate and you do not have to worry about receiving a check. Personally I hate checks because they tend to get lost especially if you are not situated in the USA.
  • They have a referral program. This is a nice program where you refer people and earn money for each person that joins them through tour link. If you already have a website, you can utilize it easily.

My Survey Reviews

What I did not like

  • Your points can expire. I do not know why survey panels have an expiry period on points. Your points can expire after 2 years if you have not been able to reach minimum threshold of 1100 points. This is actually not that bad because some panels have an expiry period of 1 year and it will not take that long to earn 1100 points.
  • Some people do not get enough surveys to complete. It is very important to read the terms and conditions page. Some people try to give false information and then the panel burns them. Survey panels get paid by companies for the information they provide so if you rush your surveys and give false information, they will not send you a lot of surveys.
  • Too many emails. One mayor complaint is that they receive too many emails from My Survey. This is the reason why I recommend creating a new e-mail account just for surveys. DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS.

How can you really make money from surveys?

This is a question that I hear a lot and if you are familiar with my previous posts you will realize that I say the same thing over and over again. Surveys are an excellent way to make extra money, but I do not think that you can make a full time income from them.

Some people make more money than others and some people do not even make anything at all. Why can this be? Let me explain it to you with some of the points below:

  • Some people have a better profile. When you start with an online survey, they will ask you a couple of question first. They must do this to make sure that they send you the right type of surveys. Imagine sending surveys about high tech to an amish person or sending surveys about beauty products to a tomboy. Some types of surveys pay more than others and this is why some people make more than others.
  • Do not try to abuse the panel. Survey panels have a way to catch you if you are providing false or low quality information on their surveys. They will ask you questions to try and trick you to see if you are honest. If you are dishonest, they will not send you surveys anymore.
  • Join multiple survey panels. The more panels you join, the more surveys you will get and your chances of getting higher paying surveys will be higher. Here is a post where I explain it more in detail on how to maximize the earning potential of surveys.
  • First you must earn trust from the panels. If you join a panel, you should try to complete as many surveys as possible even if they do not pay much. This will show the panel that you are serious and then they will send you better and more surveys.

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What is your next step?

Now that you know a little bit more about My Survey and how to earn more from survey panels, you can take my free training. There I will share all of the top paying survey panels and also how to make the most of it.

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Thank you for reading and please share your story below if you have any experience with this panel.

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