MyView Surveys Scam

MyView Surveys Scam: Read My Review Before You Team Up With This Panel

Myview surveys scam?MyView Surveys Scam

Hi there and welcome to Survey Royal. Today I want to talk about a specific panel called MyView. One can easily make money from survey panels because there is no skill acquired, but it can be limiting to the amount of income you want. To really benefit from surveys, one should join as many as you possible can. In this article I am going to dig deeper into this panel to see if it is a scam or legit. Now let me start with my review on MyView panel.

MyView surveys review: What you need to know


Minimum Threshold: It varies on gift cards or vouchers

Rewards: Gift cards & Vouchers

Cost to join: Free

Status: Legit

MyView surveys review

MyView survey panel: More about this website

This is a great panel if you love gift cards. Currently they do not pay via PayPal and only in the form of gift cards and vouchers. They also have a  monthly cash draw that you automatically register for if you join. Their points also do not expire as some other survey panels and only do if you decide to unsubscribe from them.

Reviews on similar panels

MyView survey team: The Facebook community

If a survey panel has a Facebook page, it will always be a good idea to join. You can always learn a lot from other members on how they make money from a panel. I do not sure about MySurvey, but the more active you are within their community, the more and higher paying survey you will get. This is how many survey panels work.

MyView survey team

The good

  • Very low redemption threshold: Once you have enough points to purchase a gift card, you can redeem your rewards. Some of the gift cards start at $10, so if you want what it has, then go for it.
  • You get paid for longer surveys. The longer the survey, the more you will get paid. You can get paid up to $5 per survey taken.
  • You get paid for disqualification. Some survey panels do not offer this, but it is good if you can get paid just for trying. Sometimes when you are halfway within a survey, you can get screened out especially if it is a long survey.
  • High paying surveys. They pay a minimum of $1 per survey and it goes up the longer it gets. Other panel will offer you a couple of cents for your effort.
  • You automatically enter their competition. No need to offer up points to enter their monthly draw. Once you register or join you are entered for life. The only way to lose your entry is if you unsubscribe from their panel.
  • They have a referral program. This is really one of the best ways to make money through survey sites. If you found this panel good and legit, it can sometimes help to make an extra money per invite. I also created another post that tells more about how to get referrals to a survey panel.

The bad

  • No Paypal. I do not know if you have noticed in some of my posts, but I really like to get paid in cash. PayPal is one of the best and safest ways to get paid online. I hate getting check because they can easily get lost especially if you live overseas. Some people do not mind because they already buy stuff online and if you are one of them, then I would recommend this panel.
  • Low survey invite rate. On average most members get 6 invites per month and it depends on several factors such as where you are located and how your profile looks like.

MyView survey panel

Should you join MyView 

They are not a scam and they really do pay their members, so personally I would give them a go. It is also free to join and no risk is involved. Just by joining them, you stand a chance to win in their monthly draw. It is very important that you read the terms and conditions before you decide to join

Can you make money with online surveys?

In short I am going to say yes. How much you can make really depends on you and how hard you work at it. There are a couple of things that you can do that will increase your earnings potential such as avoiding the most common mistakes that so many people make that are lowering their earning ability.

Some survey panels will also offer you product testing, offers and focus groups that are the icing on the cake for survey panels when it comes to making money. Most people also do not know how the most efficient way to target the highest paying surveys. This is the biggest reason why I created the Survey 101 training guide here at Survey Royal.

In this guide you will learn all there is to know about online surveys and how to efficiently make money from them.


Thanks for reading Survey Royal and I hope you found this article helpful. MyView is not a scam and you can make money from them. Please leave a message below on what your experience is with MyView 🙂

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