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Nielsen Digital Voice Scam, Get Paid By Searching The Web

Hi people. If you are someone that is searching the web on a daily basis, then you might want to read this article. What if you could get paid to search the web. No extra effort, just getting paid for what you are already doing. It is like getting paid to sleep and how fun would that be (that is if you like to sleep) 🙂

This is where Nielsen Digital Voice comes into play. They provide you with a free app that you can install that will give you a chance to win money. Now how many apps have you installed on your computer or laptop recently? Well I have a couple of them and having an app that will pay me for surfing the web can really be something to consider.

This is probably the easiest and most effortless method to make money online. In this Nielsen Digital Voice scam review I am going to talk about several topics such as how to make money with Nielsen, hoe the app works and whether Nielsen is safe to join. There will also be a free bonus.

Nielsen Digital Voice Scam

How to make money with Nielsen Digital Voice

You make money by the automatic sweepstake entries. You will be entering into a monthly draw where you could win money. There is a total of $10000 to win each month and you could be a part of it. The top 2 prizes will be $1000 each and more than 400 participants win each month.

There will also be very short surveys that you can complete. You will not earn any money from the surveys, but you can get an entry to another competition by completing a survey. The best way to increase your chances is to be an active panelist and completing surveys.

For all your effort you will get extra entries and the more entries you have, the higher chances you have for winning money. The amount you can win will range from $10 upwards to $1000 if you are one of the 2 highest winners.

Will is the implications of this app?

For some people the idea of an app that tracks your activity online will send them running for the hills. When you join Nielsen, you need to complete your profile surveys. The reason for this is to get your demographic data. Demographic data will be data such as your age, sex, income and location. With this data in place, they will get more accurate information when you search the web.Is Nielsen safe to join?

An example of the type of data they want will be the following: They might want to know which age group in which location is searching for specific things online such as how to lose weight or how to make extra money online. This data is very useful for companies to use to really hyper target a specific market.

If you are very serious about your personal information, then I would not recommend this site to you. Never share your credit card information or social security number as a survey a survey panel might be a scam.

Is Nielsen safe to join?

Yes it is. I have seen several people make money with this and did not hear many complaints about Nielsen.

Join Nielsen Here

My conclusion

There are several survey panels that you can join to make money online. Some are better than others and there are also so many mistakes that people make when trying to make money from online surveys. There is also free training available that I provide to my subscribers.

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This training will show you methods on how you can increase your survey earnings and with less time. This training is really something that you should look into. What you can do is to go to my free training here at Survey Royal if you are serious about making money from online surveys.

6 thoughts on “Nielsen Digital Voice Scam, Get Paid By Searching The Web

  1. Sounds alright, but just the chance of being entered into a contest doesn’t appeal to me, can be a completely waste of time.

    • Hi Sarah

      I am also not a big fan of them. I like to earn my rewards in the form of cash and not a chance to win in a competition. Some people make money, but I do not like to gamble with my “money”.

  2. Hi Viljoen!

    I like your website since it gives people another option for making money online. I like your review on Neobux which I have been clicking on ads for years.Good to see some comments about this site.

    Also like the other opportunity you present for surveys and the
    Nielsen Digital Voice Scam, Get Paid By Searching The Web.
    I like your honesty gives you more credibility with your recommendations.

    Good start on your website.

    Good luck on your site-Lots of potential.

    • Hi Timothy

      Thanks for all the nice words. I am very unbiased when it comes to my reviews, and I like to try a panel out before I write a review about it. 🙂

  3. Hi Viojoen,
    Great review and good information about the application. Not for me, but good to know that there are such options.

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