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The Only Cash Surveys Scam: My Only Cash Surveys Review

Hi folks. I came across this site a while ago and decided to write this review on Only Cash Surveys Scam. There are soOnly Cash Surveys Scam many websites online claiming that we can make money from them. It is also human instinct to ask ourselves if that specific product or website is a scam or legit. In this post I am going to give you a short description on this panel, what I like about this panel and also what I did not like. I also have a free bonus at the end that can help you to make more money from survey panels. Now let me start with my review. Survey Panel: OnlyCashSurveys.com Cost to join: Free Payment method: Paypal or giftcards Redemption threshold: $50 Survey Length: 5-30 minutes Earnings per survey: $0.5-$5

Survey Panel Description

This survey panel is one of the few that offer to pay you $5 just for signing up with them. They are also one of the sites that do not work with a point system so it is much clearer on how much money you are making. They are also a new panel and with a new panel there will be a risk involved.

What I liked

  • They pay through Paypal. This is the best method of payments by far and I would really recommend getting your payment through Paypal. Check can get lost and I would not trust and company with my credit card information.
  • The amount you get per survey is actually not too bad. To get $0.5-$7 is not bad for a survey site.
  • The $5 you get for signing up. This is very nice of them and they are one of the few that are willing to give $5.

What I did not like

  • Very high redemption threshold. Their payout threshold is $50 and it can be a very high value to reach for.
  • They take long to pay out. I have heard of many people who are complaining that they are waiting for a long time to get their money. The only reason for this that I can think of is that they are waiting for the companies that are affiliated with them to pay. Many survey panels wait until they get paid the companies before they are willing to pay you.
  • They can take a long while to verify your survey. After you completed a survey, it needs to be verified before it will be added up to your account.
  • This site looks a little cheap. I don’t know, but maybe this is just me. This site does not really have a professional look to it. Maybe I must not judge a book by its cover 🙂

Is Only Cash Surveys a scam

Is Only Cash Surveys a scam?

My final answer is going to be NO. They are not a scam survey panel. They are a legit site that actually pays. The thing about survey sites is that it can take a while before you can get paid, so to tell you the truth this survey panel will not make you a lot of money.

But wait!

Let me tell you something that you might already know. You need to register with a lot of survey sites before you can really make money from them. The more panels you join, the more surveys you will get.

My recommendation to you

Though filling out surveys might seem as easy as breathing, but there are a couple of things that you need to know. Firstly there are more ways to make money from a panel than just surveys. There are a couple of survey panels that provide you with focus groups that can pay you up to $100 just for 2 hours of work. There are also a lot of mistakes that I see people make that are causing them to miss out on higher paying surveys.Make money online Some of these mistakes can even cost them their membership. This is the reason why I created Survey 101 here inside Survey Royal. This training guide will help you with a lot of tricks and tactics that most people do not even know of. This guide is very powerful especially if you are a newbie and will teach you all you need to know before joining a survey panel.

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I also provide you with a list of free survey panels to join and this list is also growing by the day. This training module is also for free if you were wondering. With this training you can earn from $20 up to $1300 per month which is very realistic btw.

My conclusion

Only Cash Survey is not a scam and you can make money from them. They might not be the best survey panel out there, but with this training I will show you how you can make the most money out of every survey panel that you join. Feel free to drop a message below if you have any question and share if you think your friends will benefit from it as well 🙂

10 thoughts on “The Only Cash Surveys Scam: My Only Cash Surveys Review

  1. Hello, and thanks for this post, its always great to see people that want to help out on not getting scammed due that this happens a lot in the internet, great page and will stay in touch for later posts

  2. Hi Viljoen, great review on Only Cash Surveys. It’s great to get the low down on sites like this to know what is legitimate. Survey 101 is a much appreciated addition thanks!
    Cheers, Tony.

  3. Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive review on Only Cash Surveys. I had never heard about this program and I am glad I read this post. I don’t think I would use it to generate an online income. Take too long do pay!

  4. thanks for the review on Only Cash Survey and sounds like another way to my extra money. However, in in order to my money full time, I recommend users build their website and create a steady passive stream of income. Will not happen over night, my number #1 choice to make this happen is with Wealthy Affiliate. Again thanks for sharing and I will share with friends.

    • Hi Tony

      It is a great idea. If you do not want to take surveys, then building websites is the next best option. Some people do not like to type articles and this is why I recommend them to do surveys.

      If you are someone that likes typing and are willing to learn new skills, then I would 100% recommend affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best training resources available when it comes to affiliate marketing. 🙂

    • Hi Sarah.

      I looks like you know this site all to well LOL. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start if you want to get into affiliate marketing. If you are someone that are willing to build a website and write a lot of articles, then it is for you. There are much potential in AM. 🙂

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