Opinion Square Review

Opinion Square Review: Are They A Scam And Will You Get Your Rewards

Opinion Square scam: Are they legitimate?Opinion Square Review

Online scams have become a big problem especially when it comes to survey panels. Some panels require that you must pay for your membership before you join. Some panels also require your social security number which must not be trusted. One of the questions that I heard was “is Opinion Square legit?”.

Yes they are legit and it is a good thing you asked, but there are a couple of things that you must know before you can think of joining this panel. There was a couple of things that I did not like. For this you need to read further on in my review.

Opinion Square review

Website: www.OpinionSquare.com

Minimum Threshold: Depending on your reward

Rewards: You get points that you can use in their online store and gift cards

Cost to join: Free

Status: Legit

More on Opinion Square

When I first joined this panel, I saw that they do not ask so many questions to create your profile. While I was almost finished, I saw the reason why. They have a piece of software that you have to install onto your computer which will register all the data on the GRID. The GRID stands for Goodware Resource and Information Database.

Opinion Square Scam

This enables the panel to track you while you search the web and this helps them to have an idea of what type of person you are. When they have more information about you, then they will start to send you surveys that will match your profile. Personally I do not like these types of software because what you search for is private.

I would definitely not do online banking with this software on my computer.

Opinion Square rewards

It is also sad to say that you will not earn your rewards in cash. They have gift cards and an online store where you can buy stuff from them. Their store consists out of a wide range of categories, but when you click on one of them, they show you only a couple of available products.

Opinion Square Rewards

They are not bad, but my only concern is that you might not be interested in any of their offers and then you have wasted a ton of time with the surveys. You also get Amazon gift cards and entries to their sweep stake competition.

What I liked

I really do not have much to say here because there was not one thing that caught my interest. Usually I have a couple of things to say, but not with this panel.

What I did not like

  • No Cash earnings. I like to get my rewards in cash and with their limited shop it can be a problem if you are not interested in any of their products.
  • You need to install a program. This was a big NO for me, because I believe in privacy and for them to track everything that I search for online is not my cup of tea.
  • Very low invite rate. They stated in their FAQ that you get 4 invites per month on average and then you also have to qualify for them. If you have a 50% qualification rate, you only get paid for 2 surveys per month.
  • Bad referral program. For each new member you refer, you get another entry into their competition, which is a waste of time.

Should you join them?Should you join Opinion Square

They are not a scam and they really do reward their members, but there are a lot of other panels which is much better than they are. If you also do not have a problem with their software, then it might work for you.

Join Opinion Square

You can join them if you want to, but you will not make much from them.

Other survey panels to check out

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Thanks for reading Survey Royal and I hope that I have shed enough light on this survey panel. Feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions or whatsoever 🙂

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