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PaidVerts Review: Is This A PaidVerts Scam In Hiding?

The PaidVerts scam: Will they pay you?paidverts LOGO

Hi there and welcome to Survey Royal. Today I want to talk about another Paid To Click or PTC website called There are a couple of things that I did not like about this website and to tell you the truth when first visiting this website, I really thought that they were good and I really looked forward to try them out.

After going through their website, I became a bit wary about them and I will discuss my findings below.

Paidverts review


Payout method: PayPal, Payza, Payeer and more

Payout Minimum: $2

Cost to join: Free

Status: Be very careful

Paidverts review

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There are a couple of things about this website that I need to discuss. Firstly it is what you will need to do to make money with them. All you need to do is to click on ads the whole day and you get paid $0.005 per ad. After looking at several other websites, I saw that $0.005 was the going rate per click for most of the legit PTC websites out there.

This made me more comfortable that it might not be a scam.

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How to make money from PaidVerts?

First of all you need to have enough Bonus Ad Points or BAP to be able to get paid ads to click on. First you need a minimum of 1600 BAP to get paid ads to click on. The story goes that the more BAP you have in your account, the more ads you will get and the more earnings you will get per ad you click on.

But also remember that the more ads you click on the more BAP you lose. Yes you lose BAP for each ad you click on.

Now this is where the first potential scam signal showed itself. This website claims that if you have enough Bonus Ad Points, you will get paid $10 per click. Now this is a new record set for the most money earned per click. I almost fell of my chair while reading this.

PaidVerts scam

So what is the so called big secret of really earning money at PaidVerts? You need to have thousands of BAP in your account to get to click on one of these golden nuggets.


If you get referrals to this website, you will get 5% commission from what they are making.

Now let us go to the next big question.

How to get more BAP?

There are a couple of ways to earn more of these points but let me explain them more in detail for you.

1) Buy an ad pack

This is the best way to get more BAP into your account. Each time you buy a $1 ad pack which will give you 50 visits to your website, you will get 3100 BAP. You also get other Pay Per Click or PPC websites like that has a similar way to run ads except that they do not ask anyone to click on to make more money with PaidVerts

Now this $1 ad pack will actually cost you $0.02 per click which is not bad, but remember that the people clicking on your ads will not likely buy anything from you, because they are there to click on the ads and nothing else. So I made a calculation that you need at least 50 000 to 100 000 BAP to get to click on ads that will pay you $1+ per click.

So what will it cost you to get at least 50 000 BAP? You need to purchase at least 16 ad packs with a value of $16 to get to 50 000 BAP.

You need to buy ads so that people can click on them, so that you can get more ads to click on.

WOW!!! Now I am just wondering if this is really worth it and this does not look like a real business opportunity to me. This program also stated that they will give you $1.55 worth of ads to click on per $1 ad spent. In other words you will make a 30% profit.

Now my question is where are they getting that extra $0.55 to pay you for each $1 you spend on ads?

2) Click on BAP ads

I almost forgot about this one. For each BAP ad you click on you will receive 25 BAP points.

The upgrades available

1) Recycler Pro Upgrade

Here you need to pay an amount of $0.05 to get a total value of $1 ads to click on. Now this may take from a couple of hours to a couple of days to get all the ads. So for each $0.05 you spend, you make $1 in return.

2) Mini Upgrade

This will cost $2.99 to upgrade but is only limited to 7 days and they ensure that you get all the 1% ads that will earn you $0.01 up to $0.49 per click.

paidverts mini upgrade

3) Mega Upgrade

This one is almost the same as the mini upgrade, but it costs more, but will also pay you more. It will cost you $19.99 and will also last for 7 days. Here you will get the 1% remaining ads that will pay you $0.50 and up per click.

Paidverts mega upgrade

4) Ad Filter

This is an upgrade that lets you filter all your ads from highest to lowest paying so that you can do the highest paying ones first. This will cost you an extra $10. Also the more BAP points you have the higher you can set your minimum filter.

PaidVerts payment proof

My biggest worry about this program was that I know of experience that several PTC websites that promises to pay you $2 per click or more will not pay you. They will either tell you that your account is blocked or you do not get any more ads to click on.

I was worried until I saw this proof of payment.

Payverts proof of Payment

If you are familiar with PayPal you will know that this is from a PayPal account. When you search through the internet, you will see many of these payment proofs.

Should you join PaydVerts

It looks like they are legit in the sense that they really do pay their members, but the question that I am going to ask you is, will you make a profit? As you can see you need to spend money to buy ads to get more ads to click on. If you get the 30% profit that they promise you, then it might be worth it.


Paidverts is one of a kind because it has a very complicated system and you also need to pay money to earn money. With most of the PTC sites that I know, you do not have to buy anything to pay on click, so my final word will be to take caution.

Start very small and if you see that you make a profit, then you can always scale it up to the point where you can make more money. If there is money involved from the user, then you should always be extremely careful. I am also not a big fan of this money making model, because there are some things that does not make any sense to me.

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What can you do now?

Now you can either be disappointed in this program like I am and you really want to know how to make money online and there are several ways to do this. As you can see I am a big fan of survey panels and it is my job to write reviews on all of them.

I have also made money from a couple of them and you can take a look at my earnings report to see which survey panels I did. You will also see that those earnings are very realistic and were done with only 1-2 hours of work per day while watching television.

If you are serious about making money from survey panels (which is free btw) and you do not have a clue on where to get started, you can take a look at my free training here at Survey Royal called Survey 101 training guide.


As you can see I am a bit sceptical about this website and I advised you to take caution. Please leave me a comment below if you have made any money from it and if there was something that I have missed 🙂

7 thoughts on “PaidVerts Review: Is This A PaidVerts Scam In Hiding?

  1. You are so stupid, only viewing your face and naming PAIDVERTS like this PAYVERTS

    I can only laugh with you “DEDUCTIONS”

    This is an online investment program, so you can earn only investing.

    • Your comment is not making any sense my friend and then you criticize my english if yours is so much worse. Good for you for what ever you are trying to accomplish.

  2. Really a Scam Site!

    Read Full story is How??

    They removed your link with paidverts to gain more money! The fraud especially works on new members!

    My account was removed yesterday i.e., 19 sept 2015, I don’t know why ? joined 4 days ago and clicked Hundreds of ads ..
    after lot of work talking with more people the fraud placed in my room.. and not only me there is a lot people..

    -fraud takes place in 3 Levels In Paidverts

    1.You Cannot login after few days due to CAPTCHA ERROR problem.. because lot of people don’t know what they are asking in CAPTCHA! so how can they solve .. okay if you clicked right thing even in CAPTCH show you Error!
    (new Members)

    2.2FA doesn’t work(Medium earning members)

    3.You cannot transfer your money they say due to some technical reason
    (More earning members in a short time)..

    -these levels applied to one of every ten members.. so majority of people cannot get the problem with the people complaining ..

    -There is no Right E-mail Contact to contact them , no support , If you finally catch them they say

    ” we agree the problem you are facing so many complaints are coming about this ..we are trying to fix the problem soon PLEASE WAIT but now we are “SORRY WE CANNOT HELP YOU” for this minor problems! “

    • hey eric lets talk could let you earn alot of money if you can get those 3000 referral to join the revshare csite i am with..i receive money from them all the time,,,

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