Paidviewpoint Scam: Read My Paidviewpoint Review

Paidviewpoint Scam: Read My Paidviewpoint Review Before You Join

Hi there guys and welcome to Survey Royal. I created this site with the sole purpose of reviewing surveys and to helpPaidviewpoint Scam: Read My Paidviewpoint Review people make more money from them. For today I want answer one of the questions that so many people ask and this is about the Paid Viewpoint scam. There are so many scams online so we all need to be careful. In this review I will tell you what Pay Viewpoint is, what I liked about this panel, what I disliked and I also have a free bonus at the end that I want to give to you.

So keep on reading this review and without wasting more time, let me give you my Paid Viewpoint review.


Cash out minimum: $15

Payment: Only PayPal

Supports Mobile: Yes

More about Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is run by which is a target market research institute. Paid Viewpoint gets paid by companies for qualitative market research data. This survey panels get its data from all the participants that fill out these surveys. For each survey that the participant completes, he or she will get paid and Paid Viewpoint will also get paid their clients for the data.

The Good

Similar survey panels

The good

  • Very low minimum cash out threshold. This specific panel has a minimum threshold of only $15, so it will not take too long before you will get paid. Some other panels have a threshold of up to $50.
  • You do not get screened out. This is a nice feature to have as it can be very frustrating if you get screened out while you were almost finished with a survey.
  • Short surveys. The surveys are usually very short and last up to 3 minutes and you can earn from $0.2 up to $1.2 per survey. It might not look like much but let’s say you only choose the $1.2 survey and it takes you 3 minutes to complete, then you will earn $24 per hour.
  • Pay through PayPal. This is a great method to get paid. No need to worry about checks that can get lost in the mail.
  • They have a Trait Score. The higher the Trait Score, the more you will get paid per survey.
  • They have a referral program. You get paid 20% of what your referral make only when they cash out. So the more your referrals make, the more you will also make.

The bad

  • It is a little bit slow to start. To be honest with you it might seem like you are not getting anywhere with this panel in the beginning, but once you build up your Trait score, you will get paid more per survey so just keep on with it and you will soon reap the benefits.

What is the Trait Score?

This panel created the Trait or Trust Score system to encourage people to give honest answers for each survey. The clients that are registered with this panel need good quality data, so if you rush your surveys and give skewed data, you will not get much per survey or even very few.

So the main focus of this panel is to bring your Trait Score as high as possible. The higher this score, the more you will earn per survey.

Paid Viewpoint Trust Score

Do I recommend Paid Viewpoint?

You might have already red between the lines to realize that I think this is a good panel to join. So I will just be clear about this and say that this panel is not a scam and I really do recommend it for everyone. It is not the best panel, but it is one that is good enough for me to recommend.

Join Paid Viewpoint Here

My recommendation

It is actually very easy to make money from online surveys, but there are a couple of mistakes that so many people make online with these panels that are costing them surveys as these mistakes will lower your survey invite rate. There are also things such as focus groups and product testing which is the cream of any survey panel and most people do not even know about it.

So where can you go to learn about these hidden information? This is the reason why I created the Survey 101 training guide and this guide will help you to make more money out of surveys and avoid the most common mistakes which are causing most people to lose out on so many opportunities.

I will also show you how to make the most money out of a survey panel and to go for the golden nuggets which will multiply your earnings and did I forget to mention that this information is all for free. I will also provide you with a list of survey panels that you can join.

My conclusion

Paid Viewpoint is a free and legit site to make money from and is one of my recommendations. Also feel free to go to my free training course which will help you a lot. There are also programs out there that will cost you money just for a list of survey sites to join and most of them will not even give you any training on how to make more money from it. Please feel free to leave a comment below and you can also share your experience with this specific survey panel.

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    • To increase your Trait score is a great way to increase your chances to get more higher paying surveys. The best way to increase the Trait score is to answer your surveys truthfully.

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    I don’t know why you say in paidviewpoint we will get $0.2 – $1.2 …cause I just got $0.03 for survey..and many user say when they close to paid out, paidviewpoint never sent survey anymore..check this on google..and that’s fact for paidviewpoint right now…..,Well, my friend, please doing due diligence before post a review article about this..suggesting only..Thanks

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