Pinecone Research Scam

Pinecone Research Scam: They Are Not Telling You This

Hi folks. Today I want to give you my Pinecone Research panel review. There are a lot of programs and make moneyPinecone Research Scam opportunities online and it has become human instinct to ask whether a specific program might be a scam. The same has been asked about the Pinecone Research scam on whether they are actually a scam. To answer you in short I am going to say that they are not a scam and you can make money from them.

Run By: Nielsen

Survey Panel: Pinecone Research

Minimum Payout: $3

Payment method: Paypal and Prizes

Cash per survey: $3 to $5

More about Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the top survey panels out there. There is also a couple of ways to make money with them. First you can make money with the surveys and then with product testing. Their surveys are very much worth it because they pay very well. They pay from $3 up to $5 which is a lot compared to other survey panels.

Pinecone research members panel

The good

  • High paying surveys. This is one of the survey panels that pays the most.
  • No screening out. This is a problem that I see with most survey panels. When you are almost finished, they screen you out. This is not the same for Pinecone Research because once you start your survey, you will not get screened out. This why you do not that many surveys, but when you get one, you will be paid for it.
  • Very low pay out threshold. You can claim your money once you completed your first survey which is not less than $3.
  • They pay via PayPal. This is a huge bonus for me as some survey panels still pay you through a check.Checks can get lost so it is sometimes not even worth it and this is why I prefer to use the PayPal method.
  • Positive BBB Rating: The rating that get from can act as a good guidance on whether a survey panel is legit

The bad

  • Hard to get accepted. They have a limited amount of participants that can participate. The good thing about this is that if there is a limit to the amount of participants, then there will be less people and you will have a higher survey invite rate.

How To Make Money With Online Paid Market Research Survey Panels

Ways to make money with Pinecone Research

1. Surveys. You will get a minimum of $3 per survey and it can add up to $5 or more. Most surveys take up to 15 minutes. As stated previously you will not have a very high survey invite rate, but you do not need to take a pre-survey to be qualified for it.They know your demographics and will not waste your time with surveys that you might not qualify for.
2. Product testing. When I see that a survey panel has this feature available, then it really tickles my interest. Product testing is where the panel sends you the product to test or try out. Once you are finished, you will be asked to write a review on it and then you will get paid after you submit the review.These products can range from beauty products up to a free dinner at a restaurant. Sometimes it can even be an electronic product like a smartphone. Sometimes the manufacturer will ask that you send back the test product or product sample, but this does only happens on occasion.

3. Sweepstakes. They will enter you automatically after you finished a survey on each draw and then you stand a chance to win $500 every 2nd week.

Should you join Pinecone Research?

My answer is going to be yes because they are not a scam. They are very legit and really do pay their members. Do not try to “game” them as they are very strict when it comes to false information and will not tolerate any untruthfulness.

Join Pinecone Research

How can you make more money with survey panels?

How can you make more money with survey panels?

Many people have asked me this question before. You can really make money with it, if you know what you are doing. My reason for saying this is that I see so many people making the same mistakes over and over again.

I also see people that do not know how to really make the most money from a survey panel. I have a very simple trick that can really help you to sieve the surveys like gold and to end up with the good ones. Because you will actively have to work to fill out surveys, this technique will really help you to make the most money per hour.

I will also guide you on how to make money from sending referrals to survey panels. All this will be taught at Survey 101 training guide here in Survey Royal.


Thanks for reading this article and I really hope you found the information helpful. You can see from the review that Pinecone Research is really worth it. It is tough to get accepted, but once you are in, you will not regret it. Please leave a comment below if you have any experience on them.

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