Real Online Jobs, No Scams, No Fees And Just Start Making money

Real Online Jobs, No Scams, No Fees And Just Start Making money

Hi folks and thanks for reading one of my posts from Survey Royal. Today I want to talk about online jobs and also 3Real Online Jobs, No Scams, No Fees And Just Start Making money of my best money making opportunities. Now this is going to be for those that want something to do part time and also for those wanting a full time job or let me rather say and online business. Now let us start discussing real online jobs, no scams, no fees and just start making money.

There are also a lot of online scams and one should be very careful before you pay for anything online. To tell you the truth I hate the word “job” as it lets me feel having no control. I am going to talk about things where YOU have more control and where it feels as if you are working for yourself and not for a boss. Forget about the low paying stuff. I am going to discuss the ways that I have tried and that I know you can make money from.

Below I am going to discuss my top 3 methods on how you can earn money online which is also open for everyone and you do not need any experience to start with. Some will require a bit of experience, but I do believe that you have have a talent that you can use.

Working on Fiverr (Great for people with a talent or skill)

Fiverr is a site where customers (looking for services) and skillful people (offer great services) meet. It is almost like a middleman between the two. It is a great place for freelance writers, web and logo designers and almost everything that is web oriented. Some people like to play music, rap, prank a friend and do almost about anything.

Most people go for the freelance writing if they have a great typing speed. The normal rate is $5 per article which is a minimum of 500 words. You can also get a job from Fiverr itself.

Participating in online surveys (Easy to start)

This is also a great way to earn a buck or two part-time. Very few people can actually make a full time income from online surveys, but if you are looking for a very easy way to make money then online surveys can help you out. You can earn anywhere from $50 up to $1200 per month with surveys.

The biggest problem is that so many people do not even know how to make the most out of survey sites and this is why I created free training to help you step-by-step of the way. I also provide a list of some of the top paying survey sites out there. Surveys can be fun (depending on the panel) and you can earn from Paypal money up to Amazon gift cards.

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Make money from affiliate marketing (Need training)

This is one of the best ways to start. You can actually make a full time income from this, but it will require time and a lot of work. What is affiliate marketing? There are a lot of companies that have affiliate programs on which you can join. With this affiliate program you can earn a commission from each sale that you make and the commission rate can start from 4% up to 50% depending on your affiliate program or product.

Normally people start to make their first sales between 3-6 months and from there on they will start to make more frequent sales per month. The attractive thing about affiliate marketing is that you can easily build a passive income for yourself when you have a website and building websites are actually not as hard as it looks. You do need to get some training with affiliate marketing.

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I hope you found this post helpful and that you can actually start to make some money. There are a lot of ways to make money online, but they do require some experience in certain fields. Some are easy to start with, while some needs experience. Which one are you?

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  1. Very nice article about real online jobs. I didn’t know about Fiverr — I’ll have to check that out. I enjoy writing so this could be a really good option for me.

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