RewardTV Review

RewardTV Review: The RewardsTV Scam Simply Does Not Exist

RewardTV Scam: Is this a legit company?RewardTV Review

Hi everyone. Today I want to talk about a survey panel that is a little bit different than all the others. This survey
panel is called RewardTV. There are a little of mixed feelings about this panel, but luckily they are not a scam. There a couple of things that I liked and also what I did not like. So before I get carried away, let us start with my review.

RewardTV review


Type of rewards: Points for sweepstakes, auctions and gift cards

Minimum Threshold: None.

Cost to join: Free

Status: Legit

RewardTV Scam

More on RewardTV

RewardTv is a survey panel that works on a point currency. You are not allowed to trade it in for cash, but you can use it to enter for sweepstakes, trade in for gift cards or use in an auction. This is why I said earlier that they are different than others.

There is only one panel that I would compare to it and it is VIP Voice which is better than RewardTV. They way on how to earn point is through 2 methods

1) Surveys

With the surveys you have to answer a couple of questions and earn points for each survey you complete. It is hard to say how much these surveys are worth because they only give you points. They are usually very short and quick to answer.

trivia games

2) Trivia type Games

These games are very focused on television shows where you have to answer short questions and then you earn points for those that you got right. Some people are television show enthusiasts so they enjoy every moment of it. Another example of a trivia type website is Fun Trivia Quizzes.

How to use the points

There are also several ways on how you can use the points. You cannot get cash with this panel which is one of the downsides of it.

1) Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes are an utter waste of time. There are so many members already, so the chance for you to win something is very limited. You also have to trade in your hard earned points to enter the sweepstakes.

2) Gift cards

If you are already in the habit of buying stuff online, then this might work for you. I know that most people like to use their points in exchange for gift cards to sites like Amazon.

RewardTV Auction

3) Auctions

If you are someone that loves to bid on auctions then this is the place for you. Each day there will be a couple of products listed where you have to bid your points. The person that has bid the most points is the one that will win the prize.

One thing that really got me thinking was that you do not know what is the worth of each point. If you could put a value in dollar to a point, then you can better gauge whether the amount of points you bid is too high or too low. But I guess this is what makes the whole thing more interesting.

The pros

  • Very simple tasks to do. This is a very easy platform and the questions they ask you are short and easy.
  • I like the auctions. I am a big fan of the auctions because you can get stuff for next to nothing (that is if you know how much worth your points and the product is).
  • No minimum threshold. If you have enough points to buy a desired gift card then that is considered the minimum.

The cons

  • You need to be in the US to participate. It is not open for people outside of the US.
  • No cash. I really like to get paid via cash and I am not a person who likes to buy stuff online. If you are someone who is fine with this, then it will not be a con.

Should you join RewardTV?

If you are really serious to make money online with surveys, then I would not prefer this panel, but if you are someone that likes auctions and trading points for gift cards, then this is for you. Some people also do this for the fun and I do not see any harm in that.

Join RewardTV Here

Reviews on other survey panels

What else can you do?

There are hundreds of survey panels online to make money from and there is also so many mistakes that people make when it comes to making money with them. I can recommend that you go through the Survey 101 training guide here at Survey Royal.


When I first started with online surveys, I made a ton of mistakes and I did not know all there is to know about them. After a while I soon discovered that there is not one survey panel that will make you a ton of money. The biggest tip that I can give you is to join as many survey panels as possible.

Almost all of the survey panels have some very high paying surveys and this is where the trick comes in. You do not waste your time with surveys that pay only a couple of cents per survey, but those that pay you at least $1 per survey.


Thanks for reading Survey Royal and I hope that you got what you searched for. Please let me now in the comment section below if you had more luck then me with RewardTV or if you have any questions on them 🙂

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