Survey Savvy Scam

Survey Savvy Scam: This Review Tells It All

Hi there and welcome to Survey Royal. A lot of people have asked about the Survey Savvy scam and today I want toSurvey Savvy Scam dig a bit deeper into this specific survey panel to find out whether it really is an online scam. I will also tell you what Survey Savvy is, what I liked about this panel, what I disliked and I also have a free surprise for you at the end of this review.

So let us start with the Survey Savvy review:


Payment: Only Check

Cashout threshold: $1

Cost to join: Free

BBB Accredited: Yes

What is Survey Savvy?

This website acts as a survey panel that gathers marketing research information in the form of surveys. The surveys actually pay very well. You can also make money through Savvy Connect where you can earn money by surfing the web.

Other similar survey panels

What I liked

  • High paying surveys. This is one of the panels that are not shy to pay. Most surveys will pay you $5, but I heard of people that got paid up to $50 per survey.
  • Very low cash out threshold. You need a minimum of $1 do cash out which is the lowest I have ever seen. Some survey panels have a minimum threshold of $50.
  • Supports most countries. Luckily this panel is located worldwide so you do not need to live the US to participate in this panel.
  • This panel has a referral program. This is one of the best ways to make money from a survey panel. Here you get a commission of what your referrals make.

My Survey RHow To Make Money Online Scam Freeeviews

What I did not like

  • They do not pay via PayPal. They only pay via check and this is a bit outdated. Most survey panels pay via PayPal and the problem with a check is that it can get lost especially if you are not in the US.
  • It takes long to get paid. It can take up to 3 months before you will get your check.
  • Very few survey invites for people outside the US. Though they accept people that live outside the US, they might have a low survey invite rate.

Savvy connect

Savvy Connect is an app that tracks your behaviour while searching the web. The purpose of this is to get demographic information.

Most people do not like it when someone “spies” on them, but luckily this is only optional, so you do not need to do this. If you are someone that does not mind someone looking over your shoulder while you search the web, then it is worth trying out.

Some companies will pay a lot of money for this type of information. This information is important for product developing and also to improve their existing marketing campaign.

Survey Savvy Connect

My final verdict

Survey Savvy is not a scam and is one of the oldest and most reputable panels out there. This is a panel that I can recommend and it is also free to join.

Join Survey Savvy Here

But wait a bit

There are a couple of things that you should know. Participating in online surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online, but there is a couple of things that you should know. Most people are making a lot of simple mistakes with these panels and this can lead to a very low survey invite rate.

There are also other ways to make money with survey panels such as focus groups and Product testing. These 2 are like the golden nuggets of survey panels. Most people also join panels that pay very little in exchange for their hard work.

This is the reason why created the Survey 101 Training guide. This guide will be your compass in the survey world and will teach you a lot when it comes to surveys. In this guide I will tell you what mistakes to avoid and which survey panels will pay the most. I also have a couple of techniques that you can follow that will double your earnings.

 My conclusion

Thanks for reading my review this far and I hope you found it helpful. Survey Savvy is but one of the many survey panels out there that will make you money. Please visit my guide for more information on survey and also how you can make more money out of them.

Feel free to comment below on your personal experiences with Survey Savvy 🙂

25 thoughts on “Survey Savvy Scam: This Review Tells It All

  1. Thank you I will defiantly have to check it out. I have been on some of those $50 cash out sites before and they only pay around 70 cents for a survey that can take over half an hour to do!

    • Hi James

      I would avoid those that pay me only $0.7 for 30 minutes and is a waste of time. a Good rule of thumb is to go for surveys that are at least $0.5 for 5-10 minutes of work. There will be some that will pay you more. If you can make $20 after 2 hours of work, it might be worth the try.

  2. I was a little skeptical about survey savvy at first until I read your article. Now I feel like I can trust it and give it a try. Thank you so much and your website is very clean and simple 🙂

  3. This is a really useful resource thanks Viljoen.

    I have always thought surveys did not pay enough for my time as I’m not interested in minimum wage work, but you have made me think twice. I’m looking forward to reading your guide.

    • Thanks Doxy

      One thing I across is that each country has its own minimum wage. $1500 pm might not look like much, but for some people in other countries it can make a huge difference.

  4. Great review on this survey panel. I have tried many online survey panels but have never heard of this one. Thanks for the information!

  5. Great post! I’ve always been interested in doing Surveys for money. I will definitely look into SurveySavvy as it is a recommended and proven choice.

  6. Thanks for this. Most people want to do just simple surveys to earn money and there are SO many sites out there that are garbage.

    • I agree Sarah

      Some sites will pay you pennies for 30 minutes work. It is always a good idea to look for the surveys that pay the most in the shortest time.

  7. Hi Viljoen
    Surveys seem like a decent way to make a bit of extra cash online, but how time consuming is it? Do you think the reward is worth the time and effort?

    • Hi Clair

      If you do it right. It normally takes me about 2 hours per day to finish all the surveys that are available. It also depends on how many panels you are registered and if you take all the highest paying ones. One should be patient and finish the surveys truthfully. All of this I have discussed in my training guide.

  8. Survey Savvy is absolutely scam. I completed many surveys they did not make payment to my account. They keep saying we will make control and it will be taking 3 months to be place in your account. So I never recieved money. My advise is not to be member on because you wast your time and your energy

  9. My comment is regarding the terms of the internet use monitoring for 90 days in exchange for $60. READ It is not worth my bank and credit card information for $60.

  10. I have been a member of Survey Savvy since 2011, they’re a reputable company from San Diego, CA! They usually do surveys in person at Mission Valley Mall in San Diego, lowest payout in person was $5 the most $100. I’ve gotten paid very well from this company & I am glad that they don’t do PayPal cause I don’t have a PayPal & will never get 1 either. Too many people have been hacked through PayPal & private information stolen. Anyways Survey Savvy never pays by cents, it’s always $$ amount, lowest is $1, to $2, $5, $7, $10 & yes you can make $100 for downloading their program onto your computer & cell phone. I had it once but it made my laptop run very slow even through a WiFi connection. I give this place a 5 Star rating even though it doesn’t ask for 1 & will always stick up for this company.

  11. I received my first check for 17.00 but have not received any credited funds since I have been at 9 surveys but have completed 15 so I have not completed anymore til I receive credit I have emailed them with no results I’m very frustrated with it

  12. Generally good up beware. Too often you will be led through 98% of the survey and then right at the end after they’ve gotten all your survey answers and are on to the demographics like race, do you have children, yearly income, you will be screened out and get nothing for your time and answers.

  13. Thank you for your information regarding savvy survey. I found it very helpful and informative. I will use your information wisely.

  14. Surveysavvy,
    Twice they did not want to pay me. I completed a survey program last year and had to beg for my pay. Once again, they’ve found a loophole and trying to get out of paying me.
    The most I’ve ever made is a few bucks total. I’d steer clear of them.

  15. I’m glad I read this review! I took a lot of surveys over the course of several years and let my bank add up. I finally decided to cash out and it has been almost three weeks and still no check. Seeing as how it can take up to 3 months seems ridiculous but at least I know that maybe it isn’t lost in the mail, they just likely haven’t sent it yet… PayPal or Venmo would be a much better option that they should look into!

  16. I decided to request my money of $19.85 and I know they say may take four to twelve weeks. But if I requested the money in early September I should have gotten by now. And when you email them they say they’ll get back within seventy-two hours. It’s been over two weeks for my last inquiry and haven’t heard a word. And a three weeks for my second inquiry. I’m done with “Survey Savvy”.

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