Survey Sites Referrals

Survey Sites Referrals And How To Get Them

Hi guys and welcome to Survey Royal. Survey sites have become very popular nowadays when it comes to making Survey Sites Referralsmoney online and today I want to talk about a different aspect than just doing surveys. Most survey panels have an affiliate or referral program where you can get paid by referring someone to that specific panel or website.

Most panels will pay you from $1 up to $4 for each person that joins through you. Some panels also has a tier program where you get 20% commission for what your referrals are making and you can earn an income for life.

The great thing about the referral program is that no one needs to buy anything and this can lead to more people joining through you. This is also how this website is based. I give people valuable information on survey panels that will help them to make money and each panel they join. Before I get carried away let me start with my survey sites referrals and how to get them review.

I am going to tell you what you need and also where to start.

1) You need a website

This is the first thing that you will need. You need a website that will act as a platform where you can get your referrals to sign up. The website will act as the foundation of your business. To build a website is actually much easier than you think and will give the structure of your business (Yes, I do call a website a business). Setting up a website usually takes 5 minutes.

2) Write articles on your website

This is where most of your work will go into. This very article that you are reading is an example of what you will be doing. Now why do you want to write articles for your website? This is a good question because if you type something into the Google search bar, what will you find?

You will find websites that are ranked in the top 10 pages of Google and when you click on one of those websites they will represent themselves to you with an article. Now why is Google rankings so important? The reason for this is traffic.

writing articles

3) Get traffic (people) to your website

Traffic is essential to make money from a referral survey panel. If you do not get people that will read your articles, then you will never get any referrals. For each article that you write, you will get traffic and the more traffic you get, the better. Now that you have traffic, you can focus on referring people to survey panels.

4) Get your referral link from various survey panels

Most survey panels will provide you with a tracking link that you can place on your website. Each time someone clicks on that link and joins the panel, then you will earn from $1 up to $3. It may not seem that much, but after a couple of months you might even get up to $2000 per month form these panels.

It may not look like much, but let me explain. When you fill out surveys, you are making money actively and when you have a website, you make money passively. It is not you that are working, but your website. Even when you sleep at night your website is working for you. Now this is what I call a passive income.

What Do You Do Now?

What do you do now?

I hope you have seen the true value of this as it can make you more money than actually filling out surveys. When I first started I was really struggling and even though I knew how this business model works, I did not even know how to get started. I bought programs online that promised me a huge income online and after a while I found out that it was either outdated or was of very low quality.

But after a while I found a community and training centre that was the real deal. There I learned how to build a website, get traffic to that website and also how to make money from that traffic. They provided me with all the tools that I will ever need.

They also gave me 2 free websites with free hosting to get started. I was a little bit tight on cash, so this was a huge blessing for me. For more information on how to start your own website then you can create one below. I know it can sometimes be hard to choose a name for your own website, but do not worry too much about it.

You can always delete it to open up a new space for a website and you also have 2 that you can build so do not worry about choosing the perfect name for your website.

Learn How To Build A Website For Free

When have created your website there will be a lot more work to do and stuff to learn but do not worry. After you have your website there is also a great community and training resources waiting for you to start your journey to create content for your website.


In this post I told you how I get my referrals and also how you can do it. I also provided you with 2 free websites and training that is waiting for you on the other end. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did please leave me a comment below if you have any question 🙂

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  1. Thanks for this information l have interest in online survey and also need a website but I’m finding it difficult to get countries that accept Nigerians to participate in surveys please can you help and send me list of surveys that accept Nigerians.

  2. Am surprise why no comment since this post before mine ,does this men that everyone knows this method or what?but JACK u ar doin so grt with your wrk online and this is what i like “Whites” they live to share and not saying i dnt lik blacks ooo,but the truth is the bible even says giv and it will come back to you in some of the verses i forget ,so buddy thanks for you tips and u be richly blessed as some people in other pages has said earlier ,wish i knw u on facebook i would have given u a lik.Thanks ,Peace.Going to start mine now.Bye.Roland Wiredu in case u want to see me on facebook.

  3. Thank you for the valuable information you’ve shared with your training program. I’m new to surveys and product reviews. I’m researching like a crazy person because I’m fearful of the many scams online today, but will remain positive that I can join a few sites, keep it all organized (created a new email address like you recommended), earn some extra money, and just have fun. Looking forward to implementing some of your tips.

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