The MintVine scam

The MintVine Scam: My Review On Different Ways To Earn From Surveys

The MintVine scam: I do not think soThe MintVine scam

Welcome to Survey Royal. Today I want to talk more on MintVine and whether it is a scam or not. With the hoard of online scams available you should always feel the water first before jumping into a disappointment. Now with that said let me start with saying that MintVine is a borederline scam.

There are several things to look at when you want to determine a scam and Mintvine is somewhat okay. I am also going to tell you what I liked and also what I did not like because I want to give you the most unbiased review possible.

MintVine surveys: My introduction 


Minimum threshold: 1000 points or $10

Payment type: PayPal, Dwolla and Gift cards

Registration Cost: Free

Status: Not really recommended

MintVine review (Updated Version)

Mintvine also has a couple of ways to make money which is very good, because this makes them a bit more flexible. They work on a point system where 100 points will earn you $1. Most of the surveys range from 40 points upwards.

mintvine review

How to make money with

Now here is the important stuff regarding any survey panel online. With Mintvine there are several ways to make money and I will discuss each one below.

1) Surveys

The surveys are probably the forefront of this panel. For each survey you complete, you will receive points. For each 100 points you will get $1 and most surveys range from 40 upwards. What I liked about it was that they tell you how many questions or minutes it takes to complete a survey.

This is a great feature that can help you to work out the most money you can make per hour with surveys. The surveys that pays the most is not always the best, but those that pays the most per hour. The survey routers are also a good feature, because it will guide you to the surveys that you will most probably qualify first.

We all know that it is important to qualify for a survey, sometimes the surveys can last longer than the intended time.

2) Offers

Offers are where you must download something, join a membership or take a free trail to earn money. If you know what you are doing then the offers will become one of your most favourite ways to make money. With offers you get 2 types. First you get the free offers that will pay you for a simple succession of actions that you take.

mintvine surveys

They do not pay that much, but they are free to do

The second type is the paid offers. They can come in the form of free trials, gambling, or joining a membership website. The beauty of paid offers is the amount of profit you can make. With this site I will recommend to take part in the trail offers.

You only need to pay $1 to earn points, but make sure that you earn more than 100 point otherwise you will end up in a loss. Most of the free trials will offer you 240 points as you can see from the above picture. If you pay $1 then you will get $2.4 which is a $1.4 profit. IMPORTANT!!!! Also remember to cancel you trial before it expires.

3) Local Deals

If there was a way to save more than 50% for something that you want to buy locally, then would you consider it as aMintvine special offers form of making. If saving money was the same as making money, then this might just be for you. For this to work you must fill in the right demographic data about yourself because this is local.

Instead of paying 100% of the original price at a local store, you can buy it from MintVine. For some of the items you can get more than 50% off of the original price and you also get points in return. The points are not that much, but the true potential does not lie in the points, but rather the deals itself.

4) MVP or referral program

If you are someone that knows how to get referrals to survey sites, then this might be for you. For this specific panel, you will get 15% of what your referrals are making with the offers and surveys. It can be hard to get survey site referrals, but the best way to do this is to build your own website.

What I think about MintVine

This is not really a survey panel that I would recommend. You will not make millions by joining this panel, so to increase your chance you need to join as many as you possible can and then weed out those that does not pay you much.

This survey panel has a couple of OK features such as the low minimum payout threshold and PayPal. .

How to earn the most from survey panels?

It will be very rare for someone to quit your job by only doing surveys, but there are a couple of things that you can do that will drastically increase your survey earnings and for this you need a couple of pointers and training. For more information, you can take a look at my free training modules.

They are short and very easy to digest. Even if you are an experienced survey taker, you might learn a thing or two.


Thanks again for reading my article and please leave me a comment below if you want to know more about this panel or surveys in general.

36 thoughts on “The MintVine Scam: My Review On Different Ways To Earn From Surveys

  1. Hi,
    I just read your “review” about Mintvine? I don’t know where you get they are a pretty good company and give 40 points a time? I am disgusted with them. I joined on 31st July, 2014
    and I had written down £10 for 1000 points for Paypal? I have just earned what I thought was £10??? I received the payment of $10 and it was placed into my son Paul’s account as I asked him to order me some stuff from and to take the £10 off which would be in his Paypal account? The $10 was worth £6.50 and I now owe him £3.50!! It took me over a year to earn a poultry £6.50!! I had in my book £10, and thought it was a UK company? I must have seen it on a website because each time ii do surveys I write down what I have earned? 40 points a survey? I don’t know where you got that information from? My totals have been from 956, 961, 976,1013,1043,1062, etc. which has been 5 points! 15 points! 37 points a bit better! and a flaming long survey! 19 points etc etc etc. I sent an email to Mintvine and asked them to change this amount of $10 and send me a £10 one because I am in the United Kingdom? I didn’t understand their damned email! I wont be dealing with this poultry ridiculous company again! You should get your facts correct instead of people joining up with a sheer disappointment at the end of their totals whereby they think they are expecting £10, and even that is disgraceful for the amount of surveys I did for this company over a period of a year? if you want to praise a company up? The company is YOUGOV! They pay mostly 50, 75, and 100 points a time and occasionally 25 points. They NEVER SCREEN YOU OUT, you have to earn 5000 points to get £50 and already within a few months I already have 2500 points! Now that is what I call a brilliant company! I also praise up Global Test Market! I don’t always qualify for their surveys, but I have earned quite a bit from them! So, I regret it is goodbye to Mintvine from me! I refuse to work for pittance, I work hard, give brilliant feedback, and I am not that desperate for their measly £6.50
    Rosina Lock

    • Perhaps you should have read the site more carefully? It does state that the payment is in dollars and not pound sterling so, with all due respect, you’ve only yourself to blame for not getting what you expected. As for a year to earn $10/£6.50……….sorry but you obviously haven’t been doing the surveys. I’ve been on MV for six months now and have cashed out over £300. Note I said pounds, not dollars.

    • Mintvine is very legit, I have made over $200 with them in 6 months just doing little surveys, getting paid out from 2 cents in USD just for signing in and attempting a survey that I didn’t qualify for, to $2.00 a survey. I have made $1.10 several times just for giving my opinion on different music genres. You have to make sure your profile is always up to date and also the more surveys you try, the more opportunities they will email you. You can even get 30 cents just for trying a survey that you get 1 minute in and not qualify at that point. It is definitely one that I recommend all the time to people. Plus I make a few good cents off of referrals each time they sign up and do surveys. It isn’t much at first but once you get into it on a regular, you will see an increase. I am registered with a lot of survey sites, but I stick to this one. It pays out at 10.00 if you want it at that time and you can have cash in paypal or gift cards of your choice. Just in 5 days this week, Ive made over $15.00 because I am signing in more often and getting a lot of emails for different surveys. Don’t give up on it

  2. Sorry, MintVine is a scam. I take plenty of surveys with several companies and MintVine’s tactics are questionable, at best. Twenty minutes into a “5 min 90 point survey” (that’s 90 cents by the way) I get bumped out with a message saying “we’ve met our quota for this survey.” Sure, after they gotten all the information they wanted. And even then, I’m supposed to receive 5 points, but I typically do not. After my last looong awaited $10 payout, I decided to track them. 6 hours of playing their redirection games and being pushed around by their poorly-designed system I’ve completed or tried 18 surveys and I’ve made $1.45. The third time I got bumped out of a 20 minute survey I closed my account. I’ve spent too much time on their site with little return, and having seen how other sites operate, I’m done with MintVine.

  3. To the lady who said she cashed out for ten and only got 6.50…I can tell you what happened. Prepaid visa takes a fee sometimes. Check into it. It happened to me many times when I was using prepaids a bank account, as an easy way to shop online.

    • She didn’t make the connection that she was getting cashed out for 10 American dollars. She’s in the UK, where the dollar is weaker than the pound. After the money conversion from dollars to pounds, she received the British equivalent of 10 dollars – which was 6.5 pounds.

  4. I can understand why some people are frustrated, but I make a good deal off mintvine. Like, in the range of 40 to 50$ a week. So, I am not disappointed.

  5. MintVine is a fraud and I have the screenshots and emails to prove it. They have made tons of money by scamming unsuspecting surveyors out of their precious time. They will ask questions for 15-20 minutes, questions like how many electronic devises did you buy last month, where did you buy them, how much were they, oh, sorry, you don’t qualify, goodbye! Also, if you are Canadian, they have found a new way to scam people. 1000 points = $10 US. Well, now they give Canadians a $10 Canadian card, shorting us about $3 per card. They admitted to this in writing. In an email they sent a few days ago, they swore they had fixed it. But as of March 2, 2016, they are still scamming me out of over $3. So I have reported them. So if your journalistic opinion is that this site is legit, don’t be expecting a Pullitzer prize anytime soon.

  6. Sorry but Mintvine is not a scam – yes it is an american company so you have to collect 1449 points to redeem £10, but I have only been a member of this site for about 3 weeks and have already earned £20. They have loads of surveys and I have not experienced any of the above events.

    • Please, help me i need to cash out now for the first time and i can’t. The website said i should verified my phone number but i didn’t receive any code for the past two weeks.

  7. Different people different comments. I Have not have had a bad experience with them. The only bad this is re runs for a survey I can qualify for in many surveys not just mint vine. Other than that, I got paid twice, I usually let it go a bit higher than the rewards amount, but my money is usually on point and $10 is $10 on my Amazon. I have not had problems with them at all.

  8. a scam,, started off good then do not pay and the so called offer are crap and nothing is free all want money to sign on……filing with authorities today as it has been a week since being paid and takes hours of survey’s to earn 10 bucks as most stop in the middle and you get nothing for your time…….a big scam but all you young girls know it all so to you it is great , open your eyes and see what goes on in life and life is not in your phone nor the internet

  9. looks as if my review was not liked, the point of reviews is for other to let you know if good or bad not to take down bad reviews so you look good.mintvine is a scam, waiting for my pay for more than a week and this article the person who wrote it needs to head back to school and learn how to write the proper way, I do not know why I am writing as it will not make it to the site reviews but alwzys a chance

  10. I second that MIntvine is a scam. I have cashed out once and now they have blocked my account because they need additional verification. No warning and no way to provide said verification. They are not responding to emails and the phone number for their parent company that I found on BBB is straight to voicemail.

    Some people get lucky and go for months without any problems or they don’t object to being screened out of 90% of the surveys. I am not one of them. I did the work. I completed a lot more surveys than they gave me points for. I just want what I have earned and I am done.

    I should note, they have only blocked me from cashing out. They are still sending emails to take surveys – which I refuse to do for free.

    • I have had the same thing happen tried cashing out my third time and they rejected my payment ignored my emails quit sending me invitations and booted me off there panel even though they still owe me $16.00. I was really liking mintvine and yelling everyone about them…not anymore!!

  11. I have been mostly happy with MintVine. I never take the funnel surveys (70 points for 15 min) because I always get kicked out after spending about 10 minutes. I do go to Survey Street, which on the homepage, is the first green button that says “go take my first survey”. They are already pre-qualified for you, so if you meet the beginning criteria, you’re in. I started at the beginning of June, and at the end of the month I have made about $40 and this is just filling them out on my free time. The only complaints I have is that it takes 7 days to approve your point withdrawals to paypal or your preferred payment method, and the points seem to take forever to get approved. I’ve noticed that they approve the points faster the more you keep active. This is a survey site I use to make extra cash, and it’s not disappointing.

    • I agree, I’ve made over $130 with them in my very short spare time over 4 months. The money came in handy when needed. Im satisfied with them and recommend them to people as the first survey site to use.

      • I agree with you, I am very satisfied, I commented on someones comment above about my experience and the only thing I would change is that it takes up to 7 days to get your payout. But other than that, I have made great cents with them that added up to over $200 within 6 months and I wasn’t even on there every day til recently.

  12. The prob with MV is that it takes a MONTH after reaching 1000 points to even have acknowledgment of the points and another 5-10 bus. days to be able to redeem,most surveys you complete then only to get bumped off?!, if you qualify at all it is a miracle,no customer service response to emails. blah,forget it.

  13. @Barbara Jeunnes
    Getting kicked from surveys are random times, even at the very end, is very common with most survey sites, including popular sites like Swagbucks, PeanutLabs, and so on. The surveys are routed to many various survey sites and work in real-time. If the number of maximum slots for completed surveys fills up while you’re in the middle or any other point of your own survey, you’ll get bumped and all information you provided is discarded. Mintvine merely acts as a proxy that collects the earnings all in a single place for you. When you are randomly kicked from a survey, it is not Mintvine’s doing, it’s the survey site you have been directed to that makes these moves.
    Now, the mistakes with the listed average survey times and actual survey times is a-whole-nother story. It can be anything from an error on either side’s part to a survey link that randomly directed to a different survey for some odd reason. This is another common occurrence amongst most survey sites, and it sucks.

  14. I don´t spend loads of time on there, but had 5 payouts since February, which I consider pretty good. Plus I earn my fiance points as well as he referred me. This is with surveys only, not using the other offers.

  15. Listen up. Ignore everyone above me as they don’t use the website correctly. Mintvine is an amazing way to earn $10 – 30 in a few days. It took me a day to earn 700 points, which is really good. To use the website correctly, you must get your quality score over 100. If done, you will get surveys that take the same amount of time that are 200 – 400 points each, and it’s amazing. I referred my friend and I’m getting lots of points from that. Refer a few friends that will use Mintvine regularly. It’s not a scam, there’s no hidden tricks, the payout is legitimate, I have received multiple steam codes and Paypal money. Now I’m only 15, so I don’t have a job, but this has earned me around $100 in about a month. Mintvine is LITERALLY the BEST survey board I’ve used, It’s better than swagbucks, points2shop, etc. It has the best payout, points for the money, and if done right, the surveys can be really enjoyable if it’s about one of your interests. I totally recommend, and all of my friends love it. Do some research, and use the website correctly.

    TL;DR – Everyone above me doesn’t use the website correctly and when used correctly it’s the best survey board I’ve ever seen.

  16. I joined mintvine a week ago. They ask me lots of my information and with one nighmare exception, never ever ever qualify me for a survey. I’ve been doing surveys on Vindale for months. One of their Portals “YourSurveys” also uses Mintvine. After months of surveys on Vindale I built up my status to “GOOD” with 255 points. When Mintvine sent me to the YourSurveys site it dropped my score down to 100 points. Then it asked my address. I gave it to them and they came back and said it was a bogus address and dropped my points to 90 with a status of “Warning”. I went back to Vindale and discovered my status has been dropped on all portals. I have written many complaints and they have never responded. With the status of “Warning” it has greatly decreased my ability to earn rewards. They are a complete scam. Do not go near them.

  17. I find Mintvine very good on the whole. Have only been a member for a few months and have already cashed out 3 times and have another payment pending authorisation. I never take PayPal because the $10 is reduced by PayPal to £6.50 only and if I ask for Amazon Vouchers then I get the full $10 paid into my Amazon account. Mintvine is one of my favourite survey panels.

  18. Has anyone been able to redeem a Tesco voucher from Mint Vine in the UK ?
    When the voucher is sent via EMail it states “present it at the till” but the 19 digit number is not recognized at my local Tesco.The online method of redeeming the amount is even more confusing,I have contacted Mint Vine twice but I am still awaiting an outcome.
    Previously I received M&S vouchers from them which arrived in a printable bar code format but unfortunately they do not offer them now.
    Has anyone encountered the same problem.

  19. SCAM! They direct you to survey after survey that all ask the same questions (age, income, zip code, etc) and then tell you that you don’t qualify. A *huge* waste of time.

  20. I liked mintvine was doing good cashed out twice this last tI’m though I cashed out…they rejected my payment and booted me off there website after trying to contact them about my rejection…the least they could have done was contact me to let me know what was going on…jeez now all that wasted time for nothing..

  21. I am having the same problem,as I have over £50 of points saved up I am asking for my payment preference to be changed to paypal ,I agree with everything you say except that they have got back to me quickly,(but nothing is resolved !)I will not hold my breath

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