The Valued Opinions Sign Up Page

The Valued Opinions Sign Up Page – Read This Before You Go There

Hi guys. Today I want to talk about a specific survey panel that gives money for completing surveys. That panel is The Valued Opinions Sign Up Page
called Valued Opinions. Someone might have told you about that panel or you have red it somewhere. So before you think of going to the Valued Opinions sign up page, let me give you a brief description on this panel.

More on Valued Opinions

Panel: Valued Opinions

Own by: E-Rewards

Cost to join: Free registration

Minimum payout threshold: $20

Earnings per survey: $0.5 – $5

Avg time to complete survey: 10 – 20 minutes

Valued Opinions is a legit company that pays for your opinion. They do only pay in the form of gift cards that you can spend at Amazon and other companies. There is also more money to be made for specialist surveys where you can make more than $10 per survey.

What I liked

  1. Very low payout threshold. This is a bonus for me as you do not have to wait so long to get paid. Some panels have a $50 payout threshold that is a bit high. I would not recommend joining any company with a payout threshold of more than $50 as it might be a scam.
  2. Specialist surveys. These surveys generally pay more than your usual surveys. They are a bit more focused on a specific topic or service.

What I did not like

  1. Does not support every country. This can sometimes be a pain if you want to join a survey panel and you find out that they do not accept anyone from your country.
  2. They do not pay cash. They only pay in the form of gift cards. I like to get my earning in the form of cash.
  3. Low invite rate. You can expect to get up to 2 surveys per week.

Join Valued Opinions

Is Valued Opinions a scam?

My answer is going to be no. They actually do pay for your opinion in the form of gift cards. You can expect to get paid $20 per month. Though it might not be much, no survey panel will make you much money but before you get negative, there is something that I want to tell you the end of the post that you must read.

Make money online

Can you really make money from online surveys?

I am going to say yes. Most people expect to make thousands with them, but to be realistic I am going to tell you this. You can expect to get paid up to $1300 per moth. Some people make more than that, but it is very rare. It really maddens me when people downgrade a survey panel, if that specific panel does not make them hundreds of dollars and then they say that you cannot make money from online surveys.

No survey panel will make you that much money. The only thing to do is to join as many panels as possible. Let’s say you join 10 panels and you get paid $20 per month per panel. That is a total of $200 per month that you earn. Making money from surveys is only a game of numbers and the only way to scale your earnings up is to join more panels.

My gift to you

If you are interested in making money with online surveys, you need to learn a couple of tricks to really improve your earnings. You need to be pointed in the right direction if you really want to make money from surveys. The specific panels you join will also play a huge role in the amount of money you will make. This is why I created training modules to help you out and point you in the right direction.

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The training modules will really point you in the right direction and will also provide you with a list of survey panels to join. You will only waste your time if you go and do the research on your own and you will also bounce from one survey panel review to another hoping to find a golden panel that will make you thousands.

My conclusion 

Valued Opinions is a real legit panel that does reward their participants with rewards. In this post I also provided you with free training that you can go through that will really give you an edge. Thanks for reading Survey Royal and please leave me a comment below if you have any questions.

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    actually i was trying to sign up for valued opinion survey.but i cannot proceed with the registration because when i enter filled the postal code space it say that the format for was, what should i do?

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