Top 10 Survey Sites That Pay Through Paypal

Top 10 Survey Sites That Pay Through Paypal And A Bonus

Hi folks and welcome to another post of Survey Royal. Today I want to talk about some of the best survey sites that
pay through one of the best mediums known. That medium is called PayPal and is also a trusted source where transactions can take place.

Best Online Jobs That Pay Through PayPal


There are so many survey sites out there but for today I want to give you the top 10 survey sites that pay through PayPal and I also have a free surprise at the end of this article. Now let us start with the top 10 survey sites that pay through PayPal.

1) Inbox Dollars

This is one of my first panels that I am going to do a short review about. You can get paid for surveys, where you can inbox dollars logoget 1 or maybe 2 per day, get paid to search the web (You have to use their browser which is the same as Bing). Many people do not like to use unknown browsers, so it is only optional, but is good if you want to get paid for what you are already doing. They also have a minimum threshold of $20.

Join Inbox Dollars

2) Global Test Market

This one is also one of my favourites because they have a very high survey invite rate and they also pay well per global test market surveys paid surveyssurvey. They are free to join and also pay via PayPal or check. They have a minimum pay out threshold of $50 which is a bit high, but it does not take that long before you can cash out. You can also choose a specific category for each survey that you want to take.

Join Global Test Market

3) Toluna

Also one of my favourites when it comes to taking online surveys and they also pay through PayPal. This panel work on a point currency where you cash them out or trade them in for s voucher. With this specific panel you can maketoluna safe money by taking surveys which is actually very easy to do. They also have product testing available where they give you a product and you have to do a review on it.

After you have submitted the review, you will earn points where you can redeem them for cash. You can also participate in focus groups and the nice thing about focus groups is that they pay you from $50 up to $100 per session and these sessions can last up to 2 hours. They also have a minimum pay out threshold of $20.

Join Toluna

4) Vindale Research

Vindale research is also a trusted survey panel that pays for your opinion and should not be overlooked. They alsovindale logo pay through PayPal. There are several ways to earn money from them and they include online surveys, watch videos, getting referrals and also product testing. Product testing is where you buy a product (Only buy a product if you really want it).

Sometimes you can take a free trial on the product and then test it but remember to stop the free trial before it ends otherwise you will end up paying for the product. There is also a minimum pay out threshold of $50. Once you reach this amount, you can redeem it for cash.

Join Vindale Research

5) CashCrate 

This one is one of my favourites when it comes to survey panels and they also pay through PayPal. Cash Crate alsoCash Crate LOGO delivers online surveys and they have great opportunities when it comes to free offers that you can take. Their minimum pay out threshold is $20.

One great thing about surveys is that most of them have a referral program. A Referral program is the best way to really make money from a survey panel, because this is where you can actually create a passive income for yourself.

Join CashCrate

6) Paid Viewpoint

Here is another one that I would recommend. Paid viewpoint is also international based which makes it easy for Paid Viewpoint LOGOanyone to join. You also need to have a minimum of $15 to cash out through PayPal. You will not get much in the beginning, but the more surveys you complete truthfully, the more you will earn per survey.

For each survey you complete, your trait score will increase which will pay you more per survey. They also have a referral program that will make you money for each person you refer to this panel. This is another great panel to join.

Join Paid Viewpoint

7) Panda ResearchPanda Research LOGO

Not many people are talking about this survey panel. It only pays in the form of PayPal when you have a minimum of $50. The amount you will get per survey is not bad and will take you from 5 up to 20 minutes per survey. Here you can take surveys and also do free offers that will earn you money.

Join Panda Research

8) Daily RewardsDaily Rewards LOGO

This panel has the same features as Inbox Dollars. It also pays through PayPal when you have a minimum of $30. You can make money from surveys, searching the web, free offers and also play games online. They also have a referral program where you can make a passive income online.

Join Daily Rewards

9) Ipsos I-Say Ipsos i-Say LOGO

This survey panel pays with PayPal and you can also earn your money in the form gift cards. They have a minimum
payout threshold of $10 which is very good. You can earn money by doing surveys, referring friends and you automatically enter in competitions where you can win money.

Join Ipsos I-Say

10) My SurveyMy Survey Reviews

This survey panel pays with PayPal and is also free to join. You need to have a minimum of $10 to be able to withdraw your money. There is also several ways to get earn money. You can earn money by taking surveys, participating in focus groups, Webcam surveys and product reviews. They also have a referral program where you can earn money for each person that joins through your referral link.

Join My Survey

My recommendation

Taking surveys online looks like a very easy task to do and the reason why I say this is because it is, but there are also a lot of mistakes that I see people make that are losing them money on the table. These mistakes will influence your survey invite rate and also lower your chances of getting higher paying surveys.

There are also things besides surveys that you can also do that pays more than surveys. These things include focus groups, competitions, product testing and also webcam surveys. Many people also do not know where to start and waste a lot of time on research and organizing everything.

This is the reason why I created the Survey 101 training guide. This guide will reach you all the important things when it comes to surveys and I also have a couple of tricks that will increase your chances to make more money from surveys.

I will also provide a list of the top paying survey panels out there that are also legit.


Today I have talked about the top survey panels that pay through PayPal and also the different ways on how to make money from them. Each one is different in their own right and I also told you how to utilize these survey panels through my free training. Please feel free to leave me a message below or even share if you think your friends will benefit from it 🙂

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  1. You forgot to mention that if you have a PayPal account you can now get a free PayPal prepaid master card that is a prepaid debit card. Land and transfer your PayPal money for free to the card in seconds and use just about any where. Seriously why wouldn’t you want to? Plus when you sign up us my refer a friend code 8031153100
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  2. As much as I LOVE InboxDollars, they do not deposit into your PayPal account. Only 3 options: PrePaid Visa, Gift Cards, or Check.

  3. Thank you very much for this detailed list of sites that pay through PayPal. Since there are many sites that refuse to make use of PayPal for whatever reason. The information you have provided seems well researched and provide a quick insight into the services these websites provide.

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