Treasure Trooper Review

Treasure Trooper Scam Review: WARNING Very Addictive Survey Panel

Treasure trooper scam or legit?Treasure Trooper Review

There is one very important thing to know before you can join any survey panel and that is whether it is a scam or not. It will be very disappointing if you have invested a lot of time into a panel and later found out it is all a scam. Trust me it can be very disappointing.

So to get back to the question of “is Treasure Trooper legit?” To be honest with you, this company has been online for a while and they really pay their members. It is not a scam, but there are a couple of things that you need to know before joining. Let me start with my review so that you can get the important stuff.

Treasure trooper review


Payment Threshold: $20 minimum

Payment type: PayPal, gift certificates and more.

Cost to join: Free

Social media: Facebook

Status: Legit

What is Treasure Trooper?

Treasure Trooper is a website where you can make money by completing surveys, completing offers, doing tasks and more. There is a small twist to this website because it has some unique things that you can get such as scales, arrow heads and pearls.

Treasure Trooper Scam

This is just to make the whole process as interesting and fun as possible for the members. Taking surveys can sometimes get boring, but with this additional features it can be lots of fun. This survey panel also has a forum and chat room available to spice things up a little.

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What do you get for all your effort?

1) Cash

This is the part where you earn cash for each offer you complete. Once you earn $20 you can request your payment via PayPal.

2) Dragon scales

With most offers and surveys you will earn scales. The scales you can use to buy stuff for your dragon. First you need a nest and an egg. You can buy food, medicine, growth hormone or just about anything for your dragon. Now I cannot go into more depth about the dragon, but I can tell you that you can sell them from $5 up to $100 per dragon.

Treasure trooper dragons

If you have a female and a male, you can mate them to give you more dragons. You also get different types of dragon and this can be very addictive.

3) Silver $ Gold coins

These coins you can also win by taking surveys or offers. You can then use these coins to buy yourself gift cards for Amazon, e-bay or restaurants. You can also change them to scales if you want to grow your dragon.

4) Arrow heads

The arrow heads you can earn if you go to the dig site. There you will have multiple tasks that will earn you arrowheads. You can then use your arrow heads and exchange them for coins or dragon scales.

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How to earn from Treasure Trooper surveys

There are a lot of ways to earn from this panel, so I will have to discuss most of them separately. I will only discuss the top 6 methods, because the others are a waste of time.

1) Surveys

Here you can earn $0.5 or even up to $2. You also get 1 dragon scale each time you complete a survey. You also get 8 surveys daily to complete, which is really not that bad.How to make money with treasure trooper

2) Paid Offers

There are a lot of offers that you can do and they can range from $0.5 up to $50. Some are free while others require a payment. The free offers are very easy and sometimes requires you to register with another company or download something.

The paid offers require you to pay for a membership or a free trail. It is very important to be patient and you must read the terms and conditions very carefully before paying. you should also remember that you must earn more money than what you are spending.

If you spend $5 and you earn $20, then you make a profit of $15. Also remember to cancel your free trail before it ends, otherwise you will have to pay for it.

3) Cash Tasks

These are very small tasks that you need to do, but they pay very low and is not recommended

4) Search

Some people like this feature while others don’t. This require that you use their browser. They will then track everything that you search for and you will earn money from it.

5) Sell you dragontreasure trooper referrals

If your dragon is mature enough, then you can decide to sell it. You can also mate it with another dragon to get more eggs that will hatch and give more dragons. You just need to feed them with stuff that you buy through dragon scales.

6) Referral Program

Their referral program is actually not bad. There is 4 tier referral levels which is the bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each one has a new set of benefits and you start off with a 20% commission rate of what your referrals are making and 5% of what the second level referrals.

What I liked

  •  Very low cash out. The $20 cash out minimum is not that high compared to other survey panels. Some panels have a $50 minimum. Anything above $50 I would not recommend.
  • Pay with PayPal. This is also a good way to get paid. It is fast, effortless and also very safe.
  • Various methods to earn. This panel has very diverse ways for its members to make money with. This can really come in handy if you get bored.
  • Very fun to do. I like the way on how you can grow, train, mate and also fight with your dragon to earn even more money. This is the first panel that I know that also has a gaming effect to it.
  • You earn $1 just for signing up. After you have verified your account by clicking on the link that they have sent to your mail, you will receive $1.

What I did not like

There are actually not very much to say here, but I can give a note that it can be very addictive. When a program gets too enjoyable, you can get lost and forget why you are doing it in the first place.

Should you join Treasure Trooper?

If you are someone that are already a huge fantasy type gamer, then I would definitely recommend it to you. It is very fun to do and is a real time killer. This survey panel is really one of a kind with lots of opportunity and fun.

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And More

Making money with surveys is very easy, but sometimes it can also be like a roller coaster. If you do not know what you are doing and where to start, it can be frustrating especially if you are very new to it. This is why I have created this website.

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