two dallar click LOGO Review: Just Another Blatant Scam Without The $2

TwoDollarClick scam: Definitely not on my recommended listtwo dallar click LOGO

I am very sorry to disappoint you today, because I also had great hopes when I saw this website claiming that they will pay me $2 for each ad that I click on. So it is true as the saying goes: “Where there is a smoke, there is a fire”. Today I had to put my Sherlock Homes magnifying glass on to investigate this claim.

There are several things to look at that will give you a clue on whether a website is a scam or not.

I really do not like to call a website a scam, but this really was the icing on the cake. Inside this review I am going to go into more detail about this website and why I think they are a scam. Without wasting more of your valuable time, let me start with my review. Review


Payment Method: PayPal or Payza

Minimum Threshold: $1000

Status: SCAM (Run for the hills)

twodollarclick scam

Why are they a scam?

There are actually many sore points that I must explain to you about this website and I need to discuss each one of them separately below.

1) The $2 part

Just by looking at the website address, I knew something was not right. Where on earth will there be any company in the world that will pay you $2 to click on one of their ads. Most of the Pay To Click or PTC websites that I saw were happy to give $0.001 – $0.05 per click and now this website claim they will give you $2 per click.

Generally how these PTC sites work is they have an advertiser platform where you can promote your product. You can then post an ad on their website and each time someone clicks on that ad, you pay a certain amount of money per click.

A fraction of what you pay for that click goes to the person that are clicking on the ads for money. The website will then take a small commission from each click. To get paid $2 is a huge amount and I do not think that any advertiser will be stupid to pay that much.

If you think that $2 was high, then get ready to be blown away by $8. Oh yes you heard right. They are also willing to pay you up to $8 per click. I just shook my head at this one.

2) Minimum threshold of $1000

This is the second give away for this scam. If you want to cash out, you need a minimum of $1000 before you can have the money in your PayPal account. But you do not need to worry about that because you will never get it. What I have seen is that $50 is by far the highest threshold when it comes to PTC and general survey websites.

I personally think when you are close to the $1000, they will either suspend your account or tell you that you have broken their terms of agreement just not to pay you.

3) Fake proof of payments

You do not need to be have an IQ of 3 to know that these are fake. What I would have loved to see was a check or maybe a screenshot of the actual PayPal payment itself. It is also very easy to see that all of these names are fake. Review

4) Very low advertisement cost

Something does not make sense. As stated in the advertisement section, your ad can expect to get 1000 hits or clicks just for $5. Now that is not expensive at all, so now I ask you the following question. If the advertiser is paying around $0.005 per click, then how on earth can this company afford to pay you (the clicker) $2-$8 per click.

It will be understandable if they pay the clicker around $0.002 per click, then I know they will at least make a profit of $0.003 per click.

twodollarclick advertise


a good example of a legit advertiser platform would be Google adsense


5) Complaints from other people

I heard from a lot of other folks that were complaining that they are still waiting or their earnings. Some even said that once they reached the $980 mark, they did not get any more ads to click on. Now I do not know if every member has this problem, but it is definitely a common problem.

Are all PTC sites a scam?

Not all of them, but some of them are. In general I am not a big fan of PTC sites as it is just not my cup of tea to get paid $0.005 per click and there are far better ways to make money online. Some of the best PTC sites are those that have additional ways to make money online. Some include surveys, completing offers and real referral programs such as Clixsense.

You can refer someone to a site like that and earn a commission for what they are making.

My recommendation 

I am very sorry that I cleared away some of your excitement for getting $2 per click form this website, but luckily not all hope is lost. There are other ways where you can also make money online and you can find them here at Survey Royal. My main focus of this website is to help you make more money from online survey panels.

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Here is a couple of legit survey panels to check out:

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As you might have already noticed, is not on my recommended list and does not have my “approved” stamp on it. I advise you to stay away from that website as possible. Any website that claim that they will pay you $2 per click is not recommended.

Thanks for reading Survey Royal and if you have been paid by this website, then you can tell me below in the comment section because I think we all would like to hear about it 🙂

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    • Hi Bobby

      Authorities do not take these types of websites seriously enough to ban them online. Why not join this website and see for yourself. I think that I have provided enough information to “declare” it a scam.

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