Vip Voice scam

Vip Voice Scam Or Legit? Read My Full Review To See Why I Like Them

The Vip Voice scam: Are they legit?Vip Voice scam

In current times it is human nature to ask whether a product or service is a scam or not. It is a very good habit to have because I have seen people lose a lot of money online because they do not do enough research online to find the truth about a specific product or service.

Today most people ask: “Is Vip Voice legit or a scam?” and there is a lot that are asking this question. So I delved into this panel to see if it is legit. I came to the conclusion that this is actually a very legit panel. So to get back to your question on whether Vip Voice is a scam, I am going to say NO. For more information you need to read my full review.

Vip Voice review


Types of rewards: Sweepstakes, Prizes and Retail vouchers

Minimum Threshold: None

Cost to join: FREE

Status: Legit

vip voice review

More on Vip Voice

This website is a survey panel where you get VIP points for each survey that you complete. There are also several levels that you can reach and each one also has its own benefits. They are also operated by the NPD group. The surveys are actually very easy to do and this panel is actually one of a kind.

There are actually several ways on how to use your VIP points, but I will have to discuss each one of them below.

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Vip Voice Points

How does the tiered membership level work?

It is actually very simple to understand. There are 5 levels and to reach each level, you need to finish a specific
amount of surveys. Another great feature of the levels is that the higher you are up the levels, the more points you get per survey.

As you can see from the picture to the right, the #of Surveys is the amount of surveys you need to complete to reach that level, the VIP Participation points the points that you will earn if you did not qualify for the survey. On the other hand the VIP Qualification points are the points you get per survey if you qualified for it.

How to use your Vip Voice points

The first negative thing that I saw was that you cannot actually earn cash through PayPal, but if you are someone that likes to purchase things online, then this might be the panel for you. Let us start with how to use your VIP points:

1) BidLand 

Now this can get very interesting and addictive if you like to go to voice bidland

BidLand can actually be a very nice feature. How it works is that you can use your points on a bidding platform to win products. Each 30 minutes there will be a new auction where you can participate.

Everyone that are interested in a product or prize can place their bids and if your bid was the highest, you win the prize. Just do not place your bid on a product that you do not want. What I usually do before an auction, is I do some research on the prize or product to see what the actual value is before placing my bid.

I always go to Walmart or Amazon to see what the value is of a product before placing my bet. Before you start, you need to know the value of a point and it can actually become very tricky. Generally you will earn from 25 up to 200 points (depending on your membership level) per survey.

Now there is not a fixed value in $ per point, but I like to give 100 Vip Points a value of $1, but I guess it will be different for each member. If you want to win a coffee mug and the $ value of the cup is $5 in Amazon, then I would not spend more than 500 point in the auction.

2) SweepLand

You can enter your points into a sweepstake competition that will give you a draw that will enable you to win prizes. Some competitions require more points, but personally I do not like to gamble with my hard earned points, so I will not recommend the voice special offers

3) Special Offers

This is actually a great way to use your points because you can get from 15% up to 40% discount on any product that you purchase with your points. Remember that as a general rule 100 points is equal to $1. The discount feature is actually a nice one if you are already buying stuff online.

What I liked

  • There is no minimum threshold. Once you have points, you can use them in an auction or one of the special offers.
  • Auctions at BidLand. Personally I liked the auction, because if you know how to evaluate the true value of a prize, you can win many stuff for next to nothing. I have seen many experiences auctioneers that “bought” expensive stuff for half the prize it is actually worth.
  • The membership levels. This is great feature that will enable you to earn a lot more points per survey.
  • You get points for disqualifications. Even if you do disqualify for a survey, you can get points for it. Take a look at the diagram earlier in this article to how many you will get.

What I did not like

  • No cash. Some people like to get their rewards in cash, but if you like auctions and are already buying stuff online, then this will work for you.
  • Very restricted by location. You must live in the USA or Canada to participate in this survey panel.
  • Very addictive. Especially if you like to go to auctions.


Should you join VIP Voice survey panel?

They are completely and it has my approved stamp on it so I will say YES. Unfortunately they do not take members outside the US and Canada. When you start make sure that you verify your account by clicking on the link that they emailed you and try to finish at least 20 surveys so that you can reach level 5.

Join VIP Voice Here (USA)

Join VIP Voice Here (Canada)

What else can you do?

Now you can either feel a little bit down or extremely excited about VIP Voice. Either way, there are a lot of survey panels and websites out there where people can join and make money online. Within the internet, the world is at your fingertips and the possibilities are endless.

Usually when a person wants to start with something new, then most of the time they do not have a clue where to start. This will also increase their chance to fall prey to one of the many scams online. This is one of the main reasons why I created Survey Royal and also my free Survey 101 training guide.


Thanks for taking a look at my article and I hope that I answered all of your questions. Feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any more questions or if you have any recommendation on how you make money with VIP Voice.

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