Ways To Avoid a Scam Online

Ways To Avoid Scams Online,The 8 Things To Look For

A Short preview Ways To Avoid a Scam Online

The internet is a very open minded space where people can say what they want, believe what they want and also promote what they want. In this post I am going to discuss one of the biggest sections in the internet where people can very easily fall into a scam.

This section is the “make money online” category and I will also tell you ways to avoid scams online such as this.

Why do we fall so easily for these types of scams?

In today’s economy almost everyone wants an extra or additional source of income to supplement their current income. Times are tough and most of us are desperate to change our current financial mess. So if you are desperate for money, then your chances are very high to fall for an online scam.

I do not know why, but most of us are also born with the “get rich quick” mentality. We will do anything to get out of the rat race with the least amount of effort and time. Unfortunately life does not work this way. Internet scammers know this and that is why they target the people with that kind of mentality.

They know that those types of people will be the easiest prey. They will always try to lure you in with a new secret system or a secret loophole that will make you rich overnight. Money will be made, but unfortunately it will not be you. They always try to work on your emotions and throw numbers at your face, while driving in a hired Lambo to show you their “riches”.

There will always be a sobbing story of a broke pizza delivery guy who became rich with this new secret money making system.

The signs that you should look out for

  1. THIS SUPER SECRET PUSH BUTTON SOFTWARE WILL MAKE YOU A MILLIONAIRE. I just had to use this line :). If it says “secret”, then you are being misled. There is no SECRET to make money online. Only skill, willingness to learn and to fail a lot, and lots of hard work the real secret. To start making money online takes skill and a lot of effort to achieve.
  2. No free trial. If they are not willing to give you the starter meal for free before buying the main course then you should watch out. They must at least give you a free trial to try their product.
  3. Lack of information. They must explain to you what you will be doing once you buy the program. This is so important because they want to draw people to their product by stirring your curiosity.
  4. Another good way to check is by using scamadvisor.com.
  5. The word “GURU”. Another trick that these scammers use is the word “GURU” on their product. These people have networks of people that they use to gain fake trust while the actual guru does not even own the product.
  6. They upsell their product. Upselling is something that really makes me mad. Once you buy their product for let’s say $8 or more, then they will show you an upgrade of another product that you must buy. And the circle goes on and before you know it, you have spent over $1000 on a very low quality product. Some legit programs do have membership levels, but at least they make you aware of this before you buy the initial product.
  7. They contain a one page sales video. Some of these products have a very long video that you must watch through to the end, before telling you the costs. This is a typical sign that you should look out for.
  8. Paid survey sites. In the case of surveys, if any survey site is asking for money to sign up, then it is not worth it. There are many free sites that give the same information such as this one that are for free.

Survey panels that are legit

So what do you do now?

So what do you do now?

I hope that after this post, you have more knowledge on how to avoid scams online and if you want a legit way to make money online, you can start with the FREE training here at Survey Royal where I will show you what you must do and which survey panels to join.

You can also drop me a line below if you have any questions 🙂

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