Ways To Avoid A Scam Online

Ways To Avoid A Scam Online, The 8 Things To Look Out For

Nowadays everyone can create a website or a digital product and call it the best there is. On the internet you have Ways To Avoid A Scam Online
freedom of speech and you can almost get away with everything. You can lie, tell the truth or swear and maybe Google will one day be able to penalize these websites.

To get back to the point on ways to avoid a scam online I have a few pointers that I want to discuss.

Why do people fall so easy for online scams?

Especially in the make money online niche you will always get people that want to make money in the easiest, fastest and best way possible and if you are one of these people then you are just waiting to be scammed. Scammers have a way to play with the emotions of desperate people.

If you ever want to avoid being scammed, you need to change your mindset fast and let me quickly help you out. There really is no real quick way or super secret to make a lot of money only if you have a lot of experience in marketing or trading you might be able to do it. If you are a newbie in one of those skills, then I am really sorry for you, because you will have to walk the journey to achieve success.

One thing that I learned from almost any aspect in life is that when you get it quickly, you will also lose it quickly. Luck must not be a factor in achieving success. When people type into Google “Easiest way to make money online” it really makes me mad because why do people have such small faith in themselves.

The internet is really a place where anyone can start their own business from scratch. Some become billionaires and some make enough to quit their jobs.

How to identify a scam?

There are a couple of things that you can look for if you want to know if a business is a scam. I will discuss them below.

1) Outrageous claims of making many online. If you receive an e-mail telling you that there is a secret way to make $1000 per day in a month’s time with only 30 minutes per day then you should be careful. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

2) If they do not offer you a free trial. A free trial is one of the best ways to “test” a product and testing is one of the most effective ways to identify a scam.

3) No contact information. If they do not have any contact information or any information about the owner of the website.

4) They must give you enough information on the product. I have seen countless promotional videos on a “proven” method to make money online, but as soon as I am finished, I still do not know what the product is about. This is very frustrating if they want to through numbers to you without telling you what you will get.

5) If they reduce their price to $1. This is one of the tactics that they use to draw you in. At first their price is $50 and if you want to exit the promotion a popup will appear that gives you a $25 discount and if you want to exit again they will tell you that they are willing to give you their product for $1. If someone wants to give you their program for $1, then you should know that the product is of very low quality and they wanted to sell it to you for $50. Now that is a dead giveaway.

6) Constant upselling. When you finally buy their super program they will tell you that if you really want to make money you should upgrade your membership to another level. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with membership levels, but they should notify you about the upgrades BEFORE you buy the initial membership.

7) Your privacy data. Never give your credit card information or social security number to anyone online. This is a recipe for disaster. The only safe way to purchase something on the internet is if the checkout page has a url like this one “https:www.websitename.com” where there is a “S” after the http. The S stands for safety. There will also be a lock on the left hand side as shown below.

safety8) If you can get something for free, why pay for it. There are so many programs that promise you that they will give you quality information if you pay for it, but when you look at the next website, you get it for free.

What is your next move?

Now I have told you what to look for, but you still do not know which direction to take. There are two things that you can do.

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Survey panels that are legit

Some websites will charge you money for this, but I am willing to let you join for free. It just does not make sense to charge someone for information on surveys.

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2. The second option is affiliate marketing. Here you create your own website from scratch (which is easier than you think) and promote product on it. Some people have really been able to quit their job because of this and it really is something that you should not overlook.

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