What Are Online Survey Panels?

There are many companies out there that have new ideas for a product that they want to manufacture. The only problem is that the manufacturing process is very expensive and if they do not do this right within the first time, they can lose a lot of money.

what are online survey panels

Have you ever noticed that the demand for what people really want in a product changes over time? If a company does not do their market research on their new product idea before the launch, they can just as well quit. How do these companies do market research?

One of the answers is they do it in the form of a survey. There are a lot of survey panels that are partnered with these companies to provide them with people to answer the surveys. These companies will pay the panels money for each survey they complete, while the panels pay YOU money for each survey you complete.

Some of these companies pay more than a billion dollars on surveys and why should you not get a small cut on it?

These panels do get their share and acts as a middle man between you and these companies. There are also several ways that you can earn money with these panels and I am sure that some of you are not even aware of this.

Examples of more ways to earn with survey panels

  • Product testing. You get paid for taking a free trial for a specific product and then after the trial you have to write a review on the product. You will be paid a lot more for a product review than for a survey. Sometimes they even let you keep the product.
  • Focus groups. This is almost like a survey, but is a little bit more intense. The focus group will be run by a moderator. Here you will answer the questions more in depth to tell the moderator why you said yes or no regarding a question. This is why it is called a focus group as it goes deeper into a specific topic.

These two ways are golden as they pay the most. Now you know what survey panels are and why they pay you money for completing surveys.

It is a game of numbers 

Let me tell you my little “secret” on how to make more money from survey panels. It is a fact that you should register with as many survey panels as possible. The reason for this is that most survey panels has a limited amount of surveys and can vary from 1 to 10 per month and when get paid $1-$5 then the amount of money you will get per month is very limited.

For some surveys you will get paid more than others and it is common sense to go for the higher paying surveys. Let me show you an example. Let’s say each panel you join will be like rolling a dice block.It is a game of numbers

The block has six sides which is numbered 1-6 on each side. When you throw the dice, you have a 16.6% chance of getting the number 6 (which is going to be a high paying survey of 6 dollars). For that survey panel you will have a 16.6% chance to get the high paying survey of $6. Now what will happen if you join another panel?

When you join another panel it is like having 2 dice blocks instead of 1.This will then double your chances of getting the number 6 to 33.2%. When you join 6 survey panels, you will theoretically have a 100% chance for one of your dice to fall on a six.

This idea might sound stupid or simple, but it is true in the case of online survey panels and this is why it angers me when people say that online surveys is not a good way to make money after they only joined one panel.

My best advice to you

Inside each classroom I will have a survey panel that you can join. It is vital to join with all of them to get the most money out of your time. This will increase your chances to get the “number sixes” from all the survey panels. I do not want you to rush through the training provided and you must take it step by step (Remember that Rome was not built in one day) 🙂

I will also give daily tasks to complete. Some are optional that might cost you money, but they will only make your life much easier.

Daily Tasks

1. Get a separate e-mail account.

This is very important to because most of the panels that you join will send you notifications on surveys that are ready for you to start with. If you use your personal e-mail address, it will get mixed up with your personal e-mails and you might miss out on some of the opportunities.

It is very easy and you can open another e-mail address with Yahoo or Gmail.

2. Download Roboform (Optional)

If you are planning to register to a lot of survey panels, then you need to have a password for each one of them. What Roboform does is when you login to a survey panel, it will remember the password for you. You only need to remember one password and that is the one you use to login to Roboform.

It will also auto complete all of your user data such as name, country, e-mail etc.

This is all for classroom one and good luck.

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6 thoughts on “What Are Online Survey Panels?

  1. I just wanted to thank you for doing this. That is very generous and thoughtful of you, so thanks!

    I have joined several survey groups and find some get me nowhere fast money wise. I’m retired, but so much time has been wasted trying to figure out which is better when time and money earned are considered. As I go through your classes I hope to become more productive.

    I also want to do a good job for the companies requesting these surveys. I once had a floral business, so I can somewhat appreciate the costs to do something entirely new. Hopefully, your teachings will help me help them.

    Julie(age 74)

  2. Thank you Viljoen… This information and guidance is excellent.. In this time of transition in how we do business this is great for those of us who need a financial bridge here and there… As a Freelancer getting back on my feet due to a huge down fall this is great!! I have only just started and not sure where it could go, but I do know that without is information you’ve given I would be uninformed and ignorant as to how and why giving Surveys are important for manufacturers and can work very well for everyone involved… Also thank you a million for doing you’re search and sharing what you’ve learned with us. Thank you for sharing your favorites, if they are legit and info on each one… and thank you for the Do’s & Dont’s and literally holding our hands through the process… I’ve learned so much already.. You’re awesome…

    Love to you and all you hold Dear..

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