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What Is Global Test Market Surveys? Paid Surveys Free To Join

Global Test Market surveys are one of the companies that have a broad reach online. They operate in over 50 countries and was founded in 1999 by GMI (Global Market Institute). They are also a legit company that offers a lot. There is also a lot that you can get from Global Test Market surveys. Paid surveys are one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money online.

global test market surveys paid surveys

Survey panel: Global Test Market

Run by: Global Market Institute

Status: Legit

Cost to register: FREE

BBB Rating: A+

Payment method: Check & Paypal

Point system: Uses market points and the amount varies. The longer and more urgent the survey, the more points you will get per survey.

Payment threshold: $50

Referral program: Yes

Rating: 7/10

What is Global test Market?

Global Test Market is a survey panel that joins with companies to help gather data for market research. If you complete surveys on this panel you will get paid per survey. It is hard to say how much you will get paid, because the longer and harder the survey, the more you will get paid.

What I liked

  • The longer the survey, the more money you earn. This is very helpful if you are doing long surveys and it can easily make up for your time.
  • They pay with Paypal. I hate receiving check because it takes longer and if the check gets lost it can become very frustrating.
  • Free to register. I would never recommend anyone to pay for the participation in surveys. They should pay you.
  • You can choose survey categories. It is always better to do surveys that you enjoy and are interested in.
  • The frequency of surveys that you will get is fairly high.

What I did not like

  • The minimum payment threshold is high. To wait until you reach 1100 point or $50 is very long. Most survey panels have a minimum threshold of $10.
  • Some checks get lost. There are many complaints online about people that cashed out, but did not receive their checks. There are so many reasons for a check to get lost especially if you are a non US citizen. It is better to do the Paypal method.
  • Some people get screened out of surveys. This is another complaint I heard and that you should be aware of. It is very frustrating when you are finally at the end of a survey (especially if it was a long survey) and you get screened out.
  • Customer support issue. Many people complain about the lack of customer support and that they do not reply back to you.
  • Very hard to qualify for some of the surveys. It is very frustrating to be declined if you want to join a survey. Because there are so many people that joined Global Test Market, the competition for participating for some of the surveys can be quite high.

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My overall conclusion

I have heard many positive and negative complaints about this panel all together. Some people did not receive their check and now they call this panel a scam. This is why I recommend using Paypal to help avoid your check being lost especially if you are not an US resident.

This is why I gave Global Test Market a rating of 7/10.  I have created free training here at Survey Royal where I have tips and a list about all the legit survey panels that you can join.

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Feel free to share your story below on what your experience was with this panel. 🙂

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