What is survey disqualification and how to avoid it.

What is survey disqualification?What is survey disqualification and how to avoid it.

Survey disqualification is when you receive a message from the panel that you do not qualify for the survey while you are busy with the survey. It can be a nuisance if you are almost finished with the survey and now you cannot continue because you were not the person they were looking for. You cannot always avoid it, but there are a couple of things you can do to maximize your chances to get accepted:

1) Update your profile account once in a while.

Right after you join a survey panel, they will ask you a couple of questions to determine which type of person you are. They will ask questions such as your age, how many people are in your household, your income, when the last when you bought a specific item or when do you plan to buy a specific item.

It is a good thing to review your profile to see if everything is filled out correctly and if you need to update it. Do not try to lie or change your profile drastically because the survey panel will then realize that you are not telling the truth. You can lose your account and also all the money within.

If you should change, you should change one thing at a time.

2) Answer your surveys without rush.

It is never advised to rush your surveys, because if you complete a survey that has an average time of 10 minutes in less than 3 minutes, the panel will see this and they will disqualify you.

3) Be sure to give truthful answers.

Panels have a way to “trick” a person to see if their answers are truthful. They might ask you if you own a television and then later ask you how many hours you watch news per day. If you said that you do not have a tv and you watch 2 hours news per day, they will know that you are lying. How can you watch the news if you do not have a television?

4) Get into the highest paying surveys as fast as possible. 

To save the best for last does not work with online survey panels. If you snooze you lose is a more accurate representation of surveys. Now why do you want to take the highest paying offers as soon as possible? The thing is that you are not the only person that is interested in that survey. The companies that are affiliated with the survey panels only have a limited amount of money for each survey and if you are not one of the first, you lose out.

5) Work out your estimated earnings per hour.

It is so important to time yourself each time you do a survey. Let’s say it took you 10 minutes to complete a survey that pays you $2 and it took you 20 minutes to do a survey that pays you $3. Now which one pays the best? The first option looks like the better one as it pays you $12 per hour, while the second one pays you $9 per hour. I do not say that you should leave out the second one, but rather do the highest paying one first.

Remember that with surveys you should work out how much you get paid per hour and not per survey. In some cases you can make more money from shorter lower paying surveys than longer higher paying surveys. Now if you get disqualified after almost completing a 30 minute survey, you could just as well have done a 5 minute survey to spare yourself the disappointment. If you do this, it will spare you a lot of time and frustration.

6) Complete surveys that do offer a reward even if you do get disqualified.

Some survey panels do offer a small reward even if you do get disqualified. Sometimes it might not be much, but it is better than getting nothing.

7) Give detailed information on your screener survey.

The screener survey is normally the one before the main survey. The reason why companies have a screener survey is to find out if the participant is a good candidate for the survey. If they find out that you are a vegetarian which they got from the screener survey and their main survey is about BBQ then they will not accept you.

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